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Advice for a newbie - what would YOU do?

I suspect I have hypothyroidism or some form of autoimmune disease but which test would be better to prove this? These are the two I am considering. Which one would you choose? Many thanks. S xxxx



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I'm sure some far more experienced folk will answer but, in my opinion, the Thyroid Check Ultra Vit is probably perfect for you at this stage. You get everything apart from reverse T3 and, from my reading here, I've learnt that there's no rush to test reverse T3 in the early stages of getting a diagnosis. I believe some people do go on to test reverse T3 eventually if they are prescribed a hormone replacement such as levothyroxine and eventually their TSH, free T4 etc results all look ok but they are still suffering symptoms.

Re the thyroid ultra vit test, it is great to check those vitamins & minerals now and to check for the presence of antibodies as those tests are a huge help in pointing the course of action needed.


Agree with Kipsy, I'd go for the Ultra Vit test, rT3 is unnecessary at this point until you know where all the other results stand, and I've a feeling that info will keep you busy for quite some time! :)


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