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What's the silliest thing you've done?!

Just a bit of light humour- i went to a store today and asked if they have a loo. She said "no, not for members of the public".

She then looked at my belly (which is swollen due to weight gain and hypothyroidism issues) and asked me "Are you Pregnant?" I really needed the loo so i said Yes!

I couldn't stop giggling but i did leave not really know how to feel at the ridiculousness of the situation; laugh or cry lol! My fatty belly did come in handy for something i suppose!! 😂😂

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:) A while ago I was in a cafe when a heavily pregnant woman asked if there were a loo and was told that there wasn't one for customers. She turned to her (also pregnant) friend and said, "Isn't that illegal?" to which her friend laconically replied, "No, it isn't. But in our condition it just feels that way".


Hahahahaha bless em! Its amazing what we can do sometimes to make a bad situation good lol x

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