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Can you buy T3 over the counter in Turkey?

Sorry, I'm sure I've read this info somewhere, but I just can't find it tonight.

Is it still possible to buy T3 Tiromel over the counter in Turkish pharmacies? My friend is going there soon, and will bring me some back if she's allowed to buy it.

Also does anyone have a rough idea how much it'd cost OTC?

I know she wouldn't be allowed to bring very much, but it'd be better than nothing, after I've undoubtedly lost my money over the online Greek T3. Thank you.

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I'd like to know this too, as I will be going there next summer.


TaraJR and SilverAvocado ,

Tiromel T3 is available over the counter from pharmacies. You may need to order 48 hours in advance if you require more than a packet or two. 100 x 25mcg costs €2-€3.


Many thanks Clutter - you're always helpful! :-)


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