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Unexplained exhaustion?

I just recently started taking Lithothyronine (T3). I lowered my Levothyroxine daily dosage from 125mcg to 100mcg and added the litho. For the first month I've been taking 10mcg of lithothyronine. For the past three weeks though, I've been increasingly more tired, so I upped my Litho to 20mcg per day as of last week. Still tired though... Any good explanations for this? Should I increase my T3 even more? My doctor's goal was to rid my body of the excess reverse T3 that I was building up by flooding it with the Litho which is active T3. Haven't gotten updated blood work for this yet.

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Don't rush, probably best to hold at 20mcg and retest after 6 weeks.

I take same amount but split into 3 doses (under endo) - 10mcg at 6am, 5mcg at noon and 5pm

I did find I felt exhausted about 10 days after increase from 10mcg (2x5mcg) but it has slowly improved

What are vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 levels? Do you supplement if so what?

With Hashimoto's are you strictly gluten free?


Thank you! My levels are good but I do take over the counter supplements: B complex, zinc, fish oil, Magnesium, and selenium. I also take my Litho half in the am half in the afternoon. I'll wait it out a bit and if it doesn't improve go back to my doctor and see what he thinks. Thank you!


Oh and I'm GF actually lately I've slipped up a few times, do. you think that could be having an effect on me?


I have to be absolutely 100% gluten free

According to Chris Kresser any time we eat gluten it can take months for antibodies to settle back.


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