is anyone up its and need to talk

if not i shall delete in a while

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  • I'm up!


  • oh hi--- its rotten isnt it- i fell into bed at 9pm and awake at 12 so gotup at 1.20,

  • I can't ever sleep at night

    It's awful. Sometimes I'm up for two days

  • i know that feeling, is this to day with problems or hormones

  • I've had severe sleep problems for decades. I get very very tired of course, but can't drop off to sleep

  • Years back I was always awake for three consecutive nights. even when working fulltime. I hate it x

  • you must have high cortisol at night?

  • Dunno. Certainly possible! You never know when you're hypo

  • if so what can I do about it?

  • do you feel jittery

  • I'm always kinda nervy. But even when my eyes are sore and I feel weary I can't relax into sleep

  • getting a bit lost with these posts i am missing some so haveto scroll back, i am very very nervy and very anxious i have had adrenal crisis, that weary and tired is wired and tired

  • I'm here! ha ha.

    I understand.. I am the same. I've had anxiety and depression since age 9. Was first treated for clinical insomnia at 9,too x

  • maybe getadrenal test from genova diagnostics, i am not sure how blue horizens work

  • What can be done about high cortisol?

  • right i think i am replying to your what can be done about high cortisol. that i am not sure, because mine has been low or out of rythmn, mysister i think has high cortisol but i thoughtthis was when we are so stressed it gets high and out of balance

  • Hi Elven and bluepettals, I just heard that fish oil helps with high cortisol. He actually recommended taking 7 capsules a day and I'm thinking it may not be a bad idea. It's very necessary for your brain. If your gall bladder is not putting out enough bile, I don't know how digestible it would be but obviously there is some evidence you are lacking something that your brain needs.

    Whatever raises GABA would also help.

  • hi heloise, i think i will get some i ran out ages ago but yes i thinkyou are right it also helps with thyroid thanks for that

  • hello heloise! Welcome to our wee chat

    I used to take melatonin every night - did so for years - but can't say it really helped with sleep. I used to take cod liver oil daily too but haven't for years. Must go back on the fish oil x

  • oh you ar eback i thought you had gone

  • Had to attend to one of my kitties LOL. I have four x

  • I think melatonin is fine temporarily but not always.

  • I agree. It seemed to help at first but things very soon went back to normal i.e staring at the ceiling!

  • put elvis on the ceiling elven he is dreamy!!!

  • I love Elvis! Early Elvis especially. I'm more of a Beatles/Stones/Led Zep/ Hendrix/blues rock fan but Elvis is very special. And he was gorgeous x

  • elvis absolutely gorgeous - looks body, nature, kind generous tall an dthe voice an dthe dreamy eyes.. oh swoon!!!

  • i forgetto take it -i have a cupboard here rather a health shop at home and each day i think what shall i take as i cant take everything i gag! i try to take it all in rotation

  • You are right Heloise, there are some good reports on Melatonin. Often 1.5mg is enough if taken 30 mins before putting your head on the pillow.

  • Hi all, my sister and I both have thyroid problems, We both have trouble with waking very early, sometimes after two hours sleep? How do you find out about cortisol please?

  • genova diagnostic saliva test or blue horizens

  • I'm going all over the place,too LOL.

    I've always been wired. But as you know, we get so terribly tired and there seems no end to it x

  • i am waiting till i see the notifiation pop up onthe bell,-- now so i know you have read and aswered, dr lam has a good website on wired and tired

  • I was exhausted for years. Bone weary yet still sleepless! Had no idea I was hypo. When my weight started to shoot up and up and up I knew something was badly wrong x

  • i wouldnt mind betting you have adrenal as well, why dont you get a genova diagnositic adrenal spit test, the problem is we get so used to being awake, when you have replied my next type will be long so dont think i have gone i will let you know when i will go to bed ok hang on there i willbe backafter your next reply

  • you're right, we do get used to being wakeful, and awake, and we just put up with it. I'd love to simply lie down after a long and drift off x

  • i saw dr georges mouton in 2011 i was so ill and one thing he prescribed was melatonin, it is what we all have but declines with age - it kicks in about 9 -10pmish to get body ready for sleep, but also there is L - theonine, ithink that is correct, it helps the jitters, nevous system is out of control and this we have to find a way . do read dr. lam and wired and tired , it is very very very long but dont get too embroiled as thesethings can get put right

  • There was a good segment about sleep in The Thyroid Secret Series. I posted a summary back then. You need outdoor light during the day so getting outside is important. The whole family wore goggles to block blue light which is stimulating. I can't recall more at the moment but they were serious about sleep.

    I also watched a video about breaking insomnia and getting up at 4 a.m. was one part of his program. He gave explicit instructions but said in several days your body would reset. I know you said you are used to staying awake so you might try to break that habit.

  • heloise that is interesting getting up at 4 am and staying up?

  • It may be Dr. Bergman's video, I'll try to find it. Yes, you stay up and do it for several days with diminishing timelines I think. Let me look.

  • i like dr bergman he is great..

  • I used to get up at 4am daily because that's when my cats get up and want cuddles/food/out to the garden.

    I did sleep better if I waited until late night that same day - but it was harder to get up at 4am the following morning x

  • Dare I stay up until tonight? Why not? LOL

  • well it is a long while til tomorrow night, tun ein at 8 pm on channel 4 and watch levison wood he is gorgeous, an army major who is an explorer too he walked the nile and now waliking russia to iran. he is fit that should stabilise our hormones.

    heloise is lookingup dr bergman i think he is abrilliant doctor but i willhave to say goodnight now talklater ok?

  • Goodnight hun xx

  • changingsubject i have had 3 massive brown house spiders crawling on floor i hate them,make me cringe anyway i think elvens has gone now so i will say goodnight to her and you heloise. oh right you are still here me too

  • Yes, I'm listening to this and it's good but not the right one. When I find it I'll post it to you.

  • thankyou heloise, i shall keep this and watch, butmust go now as i have a banginghead thanks for this and the chat, it is nice to know there are others at night who are around take care both. xxxx

  • goodnight, blue

  • Thanks. People who sleep with ease have no idea how tough it is when you cant sleep x

  • One of my cats has just been sick! x

  • Oh no, everything gets sick I guess. Do your cats keep you awake, Elven.?

  • this thread is a mish mash with answers all over the place..

  • OK?

  • i am up now i got a couple of hours from 5 to 7 ish. thanks girls for the night time talk. deffo get some fish oils heloise but it has to be a product sourced from deep in the ocean due to pollution.

  • I buy "Healthspan"Opti Omega 3 because it has been tested & came out top on purity.

  • I have posted this before..I had severe sleeping problems for 2 years and had tried everything when my doctor suggested a drug that wasnt actually aimed at sleeping disorders but one of its side effects were. Its called Quetiapine and it litteraly knocked me down after 30 minutes. He said to not look it up because its main purpose is not a funny read. It metabolize in your body making some sort of compund that I cant remember but it makes you happier to. This is a last resort solution but I must say I slept like a baby. Took it for a year and eventually wanted to be drug free so I quit them and the antidepressants but thats another story...its early and my english is shit in the mornings..sorry for that.

  • pata99--- that sounds good! especially to make a happier person too but heck what are the side effects. i will have to look it up now.

  • hell no, i think i will pass on that Pata99. i checked it out--- i will watch the dr bergman that heloise posted i think.

  • Ha ha as my doc said..dont look it up!

  • pata99 ilook everything up...

  • Wish I'd put my phone on when I was still awake at 2.30am. Would have been nice to have a chat. Hosting a little garden party today and I always get very stressed out entertaining. And it's only 10 people!!! Hopeless.

  • I find that very stressful. You are brave to do it.

  • Hi all...normally I would have been in on the conversation as for last few years I have had the most horrendous insomnia which I put down to peri menopause /thyroid/hashi.!However now I sleep way way better...I do wake and may use the bathroom but fall back to sleep and if I wake early in morning I can usually get back to sleep....such a change from averaging 3 or 4 hrs a night and all that was broken up! ...Sometimes I would literally have zero sleep!What as changed it for me was the addition of adrenal glandular just a few month ago..I started sleeping better pretty much straight away...I think my problems had been to " burnt out adrenals"I think these glands are responsible for certain hormones and I think melatonin is one of them so fixing them can fix that amongst other things.I know we try many things in trying to fix ourselves and most for me have been failures but this has definitely worked for me...and right from day one.!😊

  • hi you too late comers! yes it would hav e been good but i was so pleased when elven replied then heloise, night is alonely place when you are awake and the world is far away... what was the adrenal glandular you took as mine are on the way to burnout- iam trying to sort out POA and will for a relative and deeds are lost, its not

    registered at land registry- time is of an exxence and he has willed it to his unmarrried partner, and i am havingto delve and look and the process is wearing me out- my nervous systemi shot to bits and i am

    only just skimming the edge of recovery after haveingadrenal crisis in 2007 an d being in hospital. i know my adrenals are shot and the anxiety is killing me

  • Sounds like you have a lot on...yes the adrenals certainly bare the brunt of it all!I was ultra stressed with circumstances in my life and I think I was living on adrenaline then enough was enough !The glandular I was taking is adrenavive ll. .(125mg)but I ended up taking more than one so now take adrenavivelll as that's 250mg so I only take one and it's more cost effective that way.It is the adrenal cortex only as some contain adrenaline and that's not for everyone but is an option ,I do feel for you as I know how it feels....and I couldnt even sleep or nap during the day to top up...just wierd and tired constantly. ..We so need sleep to help our bodies get's such a vicious circle!Best of luck .

  • lozzer where do i buy it- idont want the adrenaline i am jittery enough with nerve tingling google isnt showing it

  • where to buy adrenavivelll google not showing it

  • yes i am beginingto very very unwell and weak myself now

  • I sent you a pm

  • Low vitamin D (common when hypo) can be underlying cause of insomnia.

    It then can mess up B vitamins - good B complex (remember to stop taking any supplements with biotin in 4-5 days prior to any future blood tests)

    Plus magnesium too, especially if taking vitamin D

    Plus if you have Hashimoto's gluten free is likely to also help

    Gluten free helps adrenals

    So does vitamin C

    Zinc and vitamin A might need considering too

  • that link is brillaint thanks


  • In January 2011 I fell into a depression with panic disorder.I have suffered from severe anxiety since a toddler.After a year of hell & much research on TUK,I went to see Dr P,as I realised it was connected with my thyroid & adrenal glands(diagnosed & on thyroxine since 1997)taking my Genova adrenal results with me.

    I followed his adrenal fatigue suggestions,adding L theanine,rodiola & siberian ginseng in addition to adrenal support & thyroid support pills,as recommended by him.

    After a few more months of misery & lots more online research I bought SAMe online & took it with B6 & B12 to aid methylation,as recommended.

    A subclinical starting dose of 200mcgs pulled me out of the depression.18 months later I weaned myself off.Two years of good response to T3-only,using Paul Robinson's adrenal healing protocol(apart from massive hair thinning)followed.

    In September 2016 I crashed again.I tried Holy Basil,Ashwagandha,5HTP,L theanine,taurine,and of course SAMe again.

    I lost over a stone in weight as I couldn't eat much.Insomnia was very bad.I was extremely anxious & lost all pleasure in life.

    I couldn't face a repeat of the 2 years of utter misery I experienced before, so 6 months ago I reluctantly began taking the SSRI Sertraline,at a subclinical dose.My niece,who has a very similar history of anxiety & depression,takes 100mcgs daily.I take 33.3mcgs,having started on 25mcgs,

    I now live with extremely reduced anxiety levels.I eat well & sleep really well.After an awful 3 weeks of side effects on Cetalopran in 2011,I was very reluctant to try ADs again.I am so glad I managed to get through 3 weeks of unpleasant side effects on Sertraline.I will probably wean myself off very slowly in a few months time.

    I believe there is a role for anti-depressants,even when there is thyroid disease.I asked for antidepressants,they were not suggested by my GP.I know they affect thyroid hormones.I'm not happy about that,or the risks,but I'm not sure I could have gone on much longer in that state.

    I am now on thyroxine/lT3 combo to try & get thicker hair.Contemplating NDT with T3

  • i understand that totally.

  • anyone up its tuesday morning now 3.37 am?

  • Hi....another bleary eyed, exhausted, creature of the night here. Better go back to bed and try again! Sweet dreams....

  • 11:00pm here in California. Goodnight, over and out.

  • Thursday night I didn't sleep the whole night through - tossed and turned till 2:30am then sat downstairs in recliner with pillow and blanket but still no joy 😬

    3 days later still catching up 😴😴

  • been up since 2.45 am is anyone awake??????its now 4/30 am.grrrrr

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