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Please help lost levo tablets??

Like an idiot i lost my levo at the airport whilst coming on holiday to turkey!!

I have managed to order some from the pharmacy from my hotel and was wondering if they are the same, will i be ok taking a different type? Will it affect me i know i had a bad reaction on teva brand actavis is what i currently take.. please help anyone worried...

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I doubt Actavis is available in Turkey. I should think you will be supplied Tiromel Levotiron. I'm sorry I can't reassure you that you'll be okay. The only way to tell is to try it. If it doesn't suit stop taking it and resume Actavis when you get home.

I hope you manage to enjoy your holiday.


Thanks clutter im only here for a week, would i be ok for a week? baring in mind im currently trying to get levels stable?



Your options are to try the Turkish T3 or miss a week's Levothyroxine. Not taking Levothyroxine for a week will reduce your T4 and T3 levels but they will rise when you resume Actavis.

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