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Thyroid glob

Hum I've just had a strange call . I have a scan on my thyroid a couple of weeks ago and he said it all looked good. Today I got a phone call saying I've been fast tracked to a hospital in Bristol they want to see me next week. I ask why and he said I've just been referred up to them fast track. So I've just called the docs to ask why and the receptionist said something about a thyroid glob and I said how do you spell that and she said please don't go googling it. She said I had been fast tracker because of the glob and that I would have a meeting with a consultant up there and maybe tests . I'm really worried now . What is a glob lol

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It sounds like they are looking at nodules not "globs"




I think receptionist must have meant thyroid nodule. 95% of thyroid nodules are benign but nodules showing suspicious characteristics and nodules >2cm are automatically referred for fine needle aspiration biopsies to rule out malignancy and, I think, fast tracked via the 2 week pathway.

The FNA procedure isn't painful as local anaesthetic is applied to the neck to numb it but it can be a little uncomfortable lying down with your throat thrust upwards while it takes place. I had some bruising and a little discomfort for 2-3 days after but nothing that wasn't sorted with a couple of paracetamol.

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Let us know what your hospital experience in Bristol is like. It's good they are fast-tracking you as you won't have long to find out what a 'glob' is. As the others say, It sounds like a nodule.


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