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Crawling sensation over head


So to put the last year in a few sentences, found thyroid nodule May16 - no other symtoms. Sept16 after returning from Cornwall, fell ill with stiff neck, lighheadedness, numb ish fingers and toes, which progressed to stiff aching legs, tremors, unusual gait - I suspect Lyme/CFS/Fibro, however difficult to prove/know. Then after following up nodule, decided to remove half thyroid a month ago, which has all gone well, and the lump was benign, which is good. However, my other symptoms have come back with vengence, and although I've settled some of them since recovering from Op, over the last week or so I have started developing crawling sensation over head. Problem I now have, is it underactive Thyroid or Lyme, etc.

Has anyone else suffered anything along these lines? TSH a week after op was 5ish, which surgeon said to expect for a bit until it settles, yet to be retested now a month on. Thank you in advance.

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As you thyroid has yet to settle and your TSH is over 5.0 then I presume you are a little hypothyroid at the moment but without seein the lab range then I can't confirm that. However, it would explain the symptoms.

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