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Hey everyone. I'm new here and have question. I suspect i have autoimmune gastritis but my endoscopy isn't until Oct. I also have Hashimoto's. My tongue has been burning like crazy, bruising, fatigue, mood swings and an ever increasing gut size from bloat. So I started subligual mb12 to see if it would help. Each tablet is 5mg. It helps if i take four tablet- which is a huge amount.

Oddly I have never tested low b12.

A few questions: can low b12 cause gut bloat and weight gain?

If i continue taking b12 will this mask my doctors ability to see what kind of gastritis i have?

Is it normal that i need so much b12 to get results?

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Sorry i thought i was posting this in the pernicious anemia forum🤔


If you have Hashi's you will be susceptible to malabsorption problems and gut issues (low stomach acid being one of them). Many here adapt a GF diet in order to help symptoms. When you are able to consider min 3 week period going GF to see how your body responds. And we always suggest posting your lab results here - so if you have TSH, free T3 and free T4 results why not post them. If you have Hashi's and not on Levo yet, and symptomatic as you are, you will want to have labs done. So remember to fast beforehand (water OK) and test as early as possible for most accurate results.


I've been GF CF for years. I've been on T3 even longer. I'm certain i have gastritis the only question is what kind.


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