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Teva yellow card report

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Has anyone filled in a yellow card report on Teva levo?

I reported it last week and got a cursory acknowledgment email back to say they had received my complaint of it.

Today I received a very long email asking for more details of symptoms, medication I also take etc etc.

Just wondering if this is because so many other people have filled in a yellow card report for it too and it's being thoroughly investigated or is this standard procedure when you report a medicine?

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It's standard procedure.

Thanks. Wasn't sure if it's just standard procedure or because they've had so many complaints. 😊

If you've had a problem with it, you did completely the right thing. I've hummed and hawed about including my GP's details, though.

There has been a number of posts referring to yellow cards for new Teva.

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Thank you. I'll look for them.

I yellow carded it too and had the same email.

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How long ago? Have you had further emails etc? Thanks.

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The email from them was 17th August. I replied the same day with the info I had and said I would let them have the details of the next blood test. I've had nothing further.

I have just posted my Yellow Card report, submitted today. I included my GP's details. I felt I should report my experience of taking one tablet of Teva levothyroxine 100mcgm, given the onset symptoms I experienced were so rapid and undermining.

I have just started Teva Levo 75mcg - W3ndy2159 which dose did you report please? What are your symptoms? I am dreading any problems with it, as my Endo keeps fiddling with the dose anyway...

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100mcg Teva Levothyroxine - nausea, dizziness, arm tingling, weakness, disorientation, brain fog. I felt undermedicated. I only took one tablet, stopped and took Activis the following day. Nausea, arm tingling , dizziness stopped immediately

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