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Need help on the result

Hi there , am new here , If anyone SAN help with my test result , looking for second opinion .

TSH 0.29

Free T3 3.58

Free T4 8.49 pmol/L

What does it means? Am currently taking a break from my medication , was taking Erfa on 60mg per day but I have stopped it 2 weeks before this test .

Would be grateful if anyone can advise on the result .

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Hi Mandy127, welcome to the forum.

Sorry, but you can't take a break from thyroid hormone replacement. It's something you need to take every day for the rest of your life. Taking a break could make you very ill. Why did you do that?

Your labs don't mean anything, I'm afraid, because you haven't given the ranges. But, they probably mean you need to go back on your Erfa! Although you don't say whether these labs were done while you were still taking it. If they were taken two weeks after stopping the Erfa, then it was too soon to get a true result because you will still have some T4 in your system.

What, exactly are you expecting from a second opinion?


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