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Is it an adrenal problem?

Hey guys, wondered if anyone experienced similar things or recognises the symptoms.

I've been having a strange feeling for a long time, as if I have adrenaline poisoning (it feels uneasy in my chest), I also get agitated or emotional easily (even from simply talking to someone or listening to music) and feel an adrenaline rush.

I get often palpitations, my heart is beating so fast sometimes that I can't sleep.

I get out of breath easily, even after simple stretching. I get a chest pain sometimes after a walk.

My heart aches often, sometimes from my breathing.

I get cold easily while everyone else is warm, I have troubles trying to sleep because I shiver all the time.

I get headaches.

I have uncontrollable shaking quite often.

I have complete intolerance to caffeine and sugar - even if I take a tiny bit of a chocolate or something like that, I feel like I am going to faint, my head spins and so on.

Does this look like an adrenal problem? Perhaps, cortisol/adrenaline disbalance? Does it mean that my body produces too much adrenaline?

Thank you!

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Hi Linusa,

I think it may be worth you asking for a thyroid function test and for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be checked as low levels can cause the symptoms you describe and perhaps serum cortisol too.

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I have ALL these symptoms and wonder the same!


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