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I read and read that most reasons for hypothyroidism can be the result of stress and we should work on maintaining health care on our Adrenals. I am 70 years old looking after a very miserable 94 1/2 year old mother who has hated me from the day I was born. She had been diagnosed with type two diabetes. Through diet maintenance she recovered in about 3 years. But has has beed diagnosed with severe kidney disease. She's been maintaining the same data for the last year. Is taking calcium to lower her potassium which stays around 5.2.

I have been preparing all the meals and now I just can't. I've bought her all the processed meals.

I moved into her house 8 years ago and have a lucrative business on line and attend large craft shows. I don't seem to care or have any passion for it anymore or it may me a change of direction for me as I've been all very energetic and very organized.

Checked and do not have any autoimmune disease, my Adrenals are fine as have been taking the suggested supplements as well for my thyroid, selenium, iodine from kelp. Eat seaweed.

I really would like to know the medication to take for increasing my T3. I read some where that Boots carries it. Much appreciation for reply.

I'm been taking all the necessary

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  • Do you have any recent results with ranges you could share with us ? Also you do not mention your T4 dose.

    Do you know the test results for B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ? If low in range it could affect how you feel and T4 to T3 conversion 😊

    What supplements are you taking ? - any other meds ? Sorry for all the questions - difficult to comment without appropriate information ....

    I would also think your Mum is hypo - both her conditions are linked to low thyroid.

    If you are losing energy maybe try smaller Craft Fairs and make life simpler 😊😊 It has taken me a long time to realise I cannot do as much now I am almost 71 !!

    T3 is difficult to obtain nowadays. You can improve T3 levels by improving conversion of T4.

  • Thanks for the reply. No, I do not know my results for B12 but that is the one supplement that I was taking at first. I'm slowly getting ready for bed and will have to look at my PC for the thyroid results.

    The prescribed meds that I take are for depression (celexa) gabapentin for spasm sound my left knee. Sometimes 400 mg a night, sometimes more and some nights 200. Was on zolicone for a while. But am taking lemon balm, Passion flower and melatonin for sleep.

    Sometimes I just could get out out bed and had to quickly drink coffee, not too strong with lots of milk and would keep adding hot water. I want to stop it tomorrow.

    Yes, my mother had low hypothyroidism, takes 25 mcg a morning.

    I really feel that I can be healed if the hypothyroidism. I don't get cold or feel cold, but do feel hot when I'm doing many things at once. My skin, hair and nails are in good condition. It been lately no desire or goals. I get a lot of harassment or intimidation from my mother. She likes to argue , is hard of hearing, a mild form of dementia. Last four month have government home care where a caregiver dresses get in the morning, comes to see her at 5 and then dresses her for bedtime.

    Will get back with my results for my thyroid.

  • ... and the other results - B12 - Folate - Ferritin and VitD. Depression can be a symptom of undertreated thyroid ..... You need to know the FT3 result - as the brain has more receptors for T3 than any other part of the body :-)

  • Just a thought - not saying you should stop taking it - but lemon balm is often given for overactive thyroid to suppress it.

  • is it ? only my nutritionIst suggested it combined with L theanine for anxiety /insomnia. but as I am hypo Hashis with high cortisol at the wrong time of day, maybe it's not right for me.

    do you have any other info on this?

    Thank you very much



    "Lemon balm is used to mildly reduce thyroid hormone levels and symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism." in



    which says that it inhibits TSH

  • thank you for the info

  • I'm sorry I've read many books and read the information on line. I believe you should see an endocrinologist for more detailed information.

    My problem is rather simple and easier to deal with.

  • Hello Amary,

    I think that possibly one of the most difficult things to deal with is a family member who you feel you are obliged to care for despite a difficult relationship. This is the thing that speaks to me most from your initial post.

    I speak from personal experience, having overseen my mum's medical needs for the duration of her slow death from cancer. It impacted her reasoning from quite early on and made our already conflicted relationship even more difficult. I thought that if I moved in with her I could support her better and work on our difficulties but it was a very bad move for both of us. I lasted 6 months before I moved out again and supported her from a distance. Though she passed 2 months ago, I still have to work on forgiving her.

    Unfortunately people don't seem to consider that despite the care that is needed for the sick person, the carer needs even more support. I had the benefit of some personal counselling at the beginning of mum's illness which helped because I wasn't being judged when I said I was angry with my mum.

    If I can support you by providing a listening ear, please PM me.

    Very best wishes


  • Sue, that was the first thing that struck me too and as it was almost the first thing Amary mentioned I'm sure it plays a big part in her resulting stress and anxiety. I've known a few people whose lives have been blighted by the lack of parental love and worse. With it always seems to come a need to gain approbation from the parent concerned, something which is often never forthcoming yet the child always continues to try to make amends, do the right thing and in doing so destroys their own happiness and peace of mind.

    Quite frankly, it's time to stop, I'd suggest you move out again and oversee any care without being directly involved, at 71 you owe it to yourself to enjoy the rest of your life. You might find a lot of your health issues heal themselves if you can remove the stressors. I have a very close friend whose mother also blighted her life, her mother has now passed on but despite that her influence has left my friend with facial tics and other reminders of just how badly she was affected by not being loved!

  • Everybody is commenting that T3/NDT is difficult to obtain- and that's certainly too bad... I am wondering if NDT is not supplied in the UK pharmacies or the GPs are reluctant prescribing it? How about holistic physicians? Or maybe an online pharmacy that you could check...

    I live in the US and most GPs would prescribe Synthroid but if you ask them for Armour (NDT), they would prescribe it.

  • Yes many buy on-line 😊

  • Yes, I have to buy on line from the states. To me it's not very expensive.

  • Here in Canada we are able to get desiccated thyroid. I have to order it from the states.

  • I think both you and your mother should have a complete blood test. The doctor usually only does a few and you should request:-

    TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies.

    Doctor should also check B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

    These thyroid tests can be done at home with pin-prick tests through private labs if GP wont do all of them.

    I am sorry you are looking after your elderly mother and that, in itself, will take a lot of energy.

    If you are taking levothyroxine, it is not recommended to take iodine or seaweed. This is a past post which may be helpful:

    Blood tests for thyroid hormones have to be at the very earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards.

  • I tried Synthroid which everyone seems to take with no reactions. When I first took it a year I thought I was going to die, was sweating, had a headache, nauseated. Took them for about 10 days. Called my pharmacist and she told me me to stop.

    My mother and I will be getting our blood tested shortly for thyroid. She gets hers taken every two weeks for her kidneys as they are in a severe stage.

    Otherwise she appears to be healthy. Was gardening in the spring but now our weather is very hot. She goes outside and sits in the shade and then gives orders to my son and me. We have the flowers and vegetables for her stimulation.

  • I was the same, only took NDT for 5 days, dreadful, nausea, dizzy, no sleep, thought birds were screaming outside, closed the window and it was my ears, only day I was okay was I realised afterwards had taken an anti depressant the night before as I couldn't sleep and turns out that this particular drug had a trial done as it lowers cortisol considerably. I was so disappointed as I thought the NDT was going to be an answer to my prayers, I had got it via a functional medicine practitioner who is also a GP but she turned out to be a dead loss and never even contacted me to see how I was getting on with the NDT, that was back in March. Am so sorry for your predicament. I am the same age and it was very hard going just visiting my dad twice a week (2 trains and a bus) (he died last year aged 99) but he was the sweetest and most unselfish person unlike my mother's mother who wasn't great but she went into a home. These old people can be so selfish and they don't realise that we are getting old ourselves. I hope your health improves.

  • I'm sorry for your loss. May they rest in peace. I do hope you resolve your health issues. There is so much information and help now just like this site.

  • For some unknown reason there is no place on the large form for getting your T3 checked. All my others like B12, vitamin D, folate are find. So is magnesium. The same for my mother. Thank you for your help.

  • Also my blood pressure is text book case. But not my mother's as she anxious, fearful at times. An ancestral trait.

  • An ancestral trait or low thyroid .... or adrenals or all the other things mentioned above.

  • My mother's mother had a goiter. My cousin had had hypothyroidism at the age of 40 and now at the age of 70 is taking 100 mcg. No supplements and no interest in her "Disease" which I find out with talking with people. It seems everyone is taking Synthroid as the GO only measures TSH.

    I haven't been taking the desiccated thyroid for about 2 months as I was out of it and didn't really care to order we can't get desiccated thyroid in Canada am so disappointed that this has come upon me as I've been so energetic and now it's the opposite Thanks for all the comments I want to believe that I'll be an overcomer

  • OK so you are in Canada - may be a good idea to pop that information on your Profile as it does affect the way people respond ie no point in giving you UK Private Testing links :-)

    If you are Hypo and not taking any treatment then you are bound to be feeling off :-)

  • Tomorrow g'night and thank you. Much appreciated.

  • Private Testing is available through Thyroid UK ... Home Testing Kits - and so well used by forum members as GP's rarely test FT3 and yet it is the most important test. What price health ? :-)

  • Ask your GP to check your FT3. If they refuse, you can use private lab (lots in the US and I'm sure in Canada). Can you pls post your results from your tests (with the reference range), you are saying they are fine but they might be in the normal range but on the lower side and might need correction.

  • We don't pay for any blood tests or doctors visits. All our health care, operations, etc are covered by the government. But as I said there was so space where T3 can be checked. I will try to see how I can get it done. What a shame that it's so important to know the T3 and it's not provided. I think that GPS are not knowledgeable about the importance of a healthy thyroid. My thanks and God Bless

  • Have you ever thought that you may be simply lookjng for a change of direction in your career? Our energy is at its highest when we are following our passion, this is because we are using our innate strengths. Perhaps you are bored in your work and this is what is depleting you, besides having to look after your ailing Mum. Our Strengths can go into under use and we therefore become less energised. Pm me if you would like to read more in this.

  • I'm sorry but I do not go how to PM but certainly I would like to know more as it seems to be most of my health issues.

    I hope you find time to answer.

  • HealthUnlocked provide quite a lot of help - see the Help near top of screen (on a computer). Or follow this link:

  • As you are in Canada low sunshine levels likely, so get vitamin D checked

  • Yes, I live in mid northern Canada and we take at least 3000 mg of Vitamin D and get lots of sunshine without even using sunscreen. Of, it usually when we are watering our flowers, walking to our vehicles. Thanks for your good concern.

  • Another thought: think back to a time in your life where you were your happiest. Lost in time as you were doing something. What was it? How were you feeling? What sort of things were you thinking? Now think how you might re-create more of this.

    Sometimes our bodies come out in sympathy of our unhappy selves as away of trying to tell us to get back on track. Each and everyone of us have been born with talents and Strengths and finding & using these will aid in Strengthening our bodies & minds.

  • This is such a sweet reply. I have to reread it as I've been trying to get to sleep. Yes indeed, I'm feeling great looking forward It's a confirmation for me I must look after my happiness I been slowly planning what to do with my merchandise This is giving me peace of mind and I don't even know how I got in this site I was looking to order essential oils I was even thinking of my thyroid except I just looked at some books that I intend to give away

    I will wake up happpy!

  • Very wise and lovely :-)

  • I really, really like your thoughts as I feel the passsion has been slowly leaving me but customers always say that they are so happy that they can get the ethic merchandise from me. At times I feel badly, sort of guilty. But I will not be happy if I continue with all the work which I do myself, the website, and so on.

    Everything you say sounds right on with me. What is slightly holding me back is that good income. Yes, I can agree about the change in my career - that I feel as there are many signs that I should let go of my business.

    How true it is when one had lots of energy when they have the passion for the field of employment that they are engaged in. And now no energy, I pray that I will have the strength to do about two weeks of work, only 2 big outdoor sakes. It's amazing we took a trip to our country farm house and I did come back feeling that I will commit to a schedule. Oh, I must go to sleep. Thanks ever non conventional. You're the second one whose thoughts witnessed to my spirit-more revelation and concise. I could always sense when there was a change in my life but this seems just like rolling a heavy boulder and this thyroid has really throw a monkey wrench in my like. Anyway, I don't have any brain fog.

  • hello, if your T3 level is low then Nutri T Convert will definitely help in the conversion process. Takes a little while to kick in but you would see results if that is what is needed in that area. All the best. Be kind to yourself!

  • Thanks for writing. I have to google to see where I can get Nutri T Convert. I haven't heard of it. And will follow the advice of many others not to take iodine with the desiccated thyroid. Yes, I must take time for myself.

  • Taking your Dessicated thyroid regularly will raise your T3. That's what it's for. But, whilst you are taking so much iodine, you will be cancelling its effects and lowering your T3. If you're hypo you really should not be taking iodine/seaweed. And, if your nutritionist told you to take it, that's further proof that nutritionists know nothing about thyroid.

  • Thanks. Many have written not to take iodine/seaweed and I will not take it.

  • Thank you. I will was taking Kelp and eating seaweed once in a while which I will stop immediately. Again thank you for your advice.

  • You're welcome. :)

  • Hi Amary.

    I had my genome checked with 23andme and found that I may have problems with converting T4 to T3, because of Snp's on the D1O1 gene. I believe you can get the 23andme saliva test done anywhere in the world. If you have the Snp's then you have good reason to suspect T3 conversion might be a problem.


  • Think I mentioned the T4 to T3 conversion issue in the first reply - it wasn't picked up on so I did not persue it :-)

  • Hi Sue_b,

    I have done 23andme too - how did you find out about that gene D101, did you use additional genetic services?

  • Hi Olissima,

    yes, I paid a fortune to get a nutritionalist to use Opus23 which highlighted D101 an D102 as it was thyroid issues I was looking in to. I guess I might be breaking some copyright rules if I post it here so if you PM me I'll just copy all the info from my report. You'll be able to see what the Snp's are and search for them on 23andme. Hope it helps.


  • Thanks a lot, I'll do that!

    Have you checked your Selenium level- it is necessary for T4-to-T3 conversion?

  • All my vitamins tests are normal, I'm actually healthy in that way.

  • Please, please, folk, it is NOT one letter and three numbers but three letters and one number - DIO1 or DIO2. (Named from the enzyme they enable - deiodinase 1 or 2.)

    If you get it wrong when discussing with anyone like a sceptical doctor, it will give them an excuse to dismiss what you have to say.

  • Thanks for that ☺️

  • Try to care for your mother you only have one. Imagine, when I was 11 years old to be told that I was adopted the thing is, you can't imagine nobody can, devastating. You have your mother how lucky you are.

    What about taking out good quality time just for you.

    I know that you have a very difficult situation I hope that talking about it helps you.

  • don't feel alone. I used to marvel at other mother daughter relationships since my own mom is so detached and cold.

  • Dear Amary, it's so sad that you and your family suffering so much. I read that cold mothers are root for their kids thyroid disfunction. Maybe it's good for you to check "Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are facilities that include independent living, assisted living, and nursing home care in one location, so seniors can stay in the same general area as their housing needs change over time." I know in Canada they are professionally running and sometimes very useful for all family members. Try to find some supporting groups around your area. Also was "Erfa" in Canada, very balanced thyroid replacement med, but I heard endocrinologists "keeled" it. In US people still can get it, ha e to check it

    Hugs and love

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