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First time on Levo

Hi all, I was having thyroid symptoms, my whole life people told me to have my thyroid tested but it was always normal. It'd range from 2.8 to 1.8. In June it was 1.84 and my endocrinologist suggested I start medication bc she wants me around .50-1.0. So I took 25mcgs for 7 weeks, I've gained weight, more tired, brain fog, severely constipated and my tsh is now 4.2! So the dosage basically gave me mild hypothyroidism. Gaining the weight and constipation is the most intolerable. I work out so much and eat really well. It's infuriating. Idk if I'm better off with out the meds or if I should give it time? So I'm sure she'll up it to 50mcg at my appointment Monday, but will that bring it down enough? Are my own levels of around 1.84 better than what I'll have to wait another 4-6 weeks to see what 50mcgs will do?

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Have you had your antibodies tested yet? If you have Hashi's (many do) it can cause Hashi "flares" which cause fluctuating levels. 25 mcg is a minuscule starter dose and should be increased as per protocol to the next dosage of 50 mcg. But we need to know your nutrient levels too! Have your ferritin, folate, Vit D and B12 tested as they are an important part of the bigger picture. We will often have deficiencies due to malabsorption problems and gut issues and as a result these can affect our ability to convert our dosage effectively. Going gluten free helps many here reduce antibodies as well as help with overall health. (That's my next step 🙂 )

Another thing to be aware of is lab protocol: you need to have blood draw first thing AM after fasting (water OK) and no Levo for 24 hours prior. This gives the most accurate results. Are you taking dosage on an empty stomach min an hour before eating? And what time of day?

As it's early days in your treatment I won't discuss Levo options as it will overwhelm a Newby!

It might help to read the following post to understand why levels fluctuate better:



Thank you responding! I have had deficiencies in D and B12 in the past but I take supplements now and a good multi vitamin w folate. My antibodies were fine. With my gut issues I don't doubt there's a problem with absorption. I was also told I didn't have hashimotos


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