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Survey - Deprescibing Liothyronine

If you haven't yet completed the survey engage.england.nhs.uk/consultation (correct me if wrong Clutter, it won't highlight) beware of how some of the questions are worded. Sneaky in my opinion at best. Either that or I'm just thick or cynical or both.

One of my completed surveys!

Any doctor should be able to prescribe Liothyronine to any patient he/she deemed necessary. Why the CCG needs to poke their nose in I have no idea. Instead of wasting your time on trying to take liothyronine away from patients the NHS should be concentrating their efforts on securing the product at a more favourable price.

Liothyronine in France 2 Euro fact, even cheaper in Greece. To licence product in the UK from another European country is simple and cheap. Fact.

A few cost saving measures I would introduce is get rid of all the CCG's and let doctors do their job. After all they are the medically trained experts here and NICE. This is the trouble with the NHS. Too many chiefs being paid too much money which is diverted away from patients.

Back to Liothyronine which is life giving for me since I do not have a thyroid. Contrary to what the CCG and Physician Council think I need, incidentally no clinical data to support your views, I did not thrive on Levo.

Please read following on treatment required for those of us who do not respond to levo and need life giving liothyronine. I did get genetically tested and indeed have said polymorphism.


If this life giving medication is withdrawn it will be a false economy. I rarely go to the doctors only for compulsory blood test annually which incidentally I don't need and it costs a lot of money. I know when I don't feel well. All the other problems I had before T3 will reappear. So do employ more cardiologists, rheumatologists, psychiatrists and all manner of other "ists" that I will be forced to see because of the symptoms that will return, but in reality all I really need is T3. Suddenly looks cheap doesn't it. Well that's if NHS actually purchased from a different supplier. Aside from the fact the my quality of life will be zero, and should that happen you can expect a law suit as well. Hopefully a class action. Just remember this medication can be purchased for three fifth of nothing in the rest Europe. I for one will not accept this life giving product being taken off the market due to idleness and avarice.

So the above posted today. Well just sayin' how it is for me!


Also posting this to my MP and Jeremy Hunt.

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Way to go, Airmed!


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