Overactive thyroid gland. All new

Hello again my bloods have shown very high hyperthyroidism and im very upset as the docs make it sound very frightening, i eas meant to get a copy of my results but to upset, he has started me on a beta blocker for some symptons of palps and trembling and to bring my blood pressure down whilst waiting for a urgent referral to endocrologist, please tell me this is normal as i thought he would start me on thyroid meds straight away, he said they may want to do a mri or ultrasound. So scared. I know one the results were 26 ? And the other 10. Sorry.


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  • Don't be frightened. I'm hypothyroid not hyperthyroid but at one time my dose of medication was much too high and my FT4 was over 36.0 and TSH very suppressed. It gave me a bad case of anxiety and had betablockers to reduce the symptoms. Try not to worry too much as being hyperthyroid can make you anxious when normally you would take things in your stride. With treatment you will get back on track and in the meantime follow your doctors advice. Lots of people get this condition of being overactive and so you are not alone. Let us know what happens won't you? Do get a copy of your blood tests as you can then discuss it more sensibly with the Endocrinologist. In the meantime you can read up about it on Thyroid UK website which has good information which is not frightening. Also, get as much support from family and friends as you can and maybe they could read Thyroid UK website so they understand more and can support you better?

  • Thankyou but scared doc made it sound like a death sentence, just wondering why he hasnt started me on some meds.

  • It's probably better if the Endocrinologist starts you off on Carbimazole and monitors your levels . It's not a death sentence, try not to worry.

  • I am surprised he did not at least give you some carbimazole

    The only dire warning is whatever you do never never never agree to any suuggestion of "just a little drink " aka RAI .....its a quick fix they like to peddle but its effects are lifelong

  • Thankyou but really scared at moment. What do yiu mean by a little drink?

  • Hi r Michelle try not to worry,i know it's a big shock when you get diagnosed, I remember how I felt I cried all day.its not a death sentence, if you are worried about not getting meds straight away could you go back and see gp and ask if you can have carbimizole straight away as you feel so bad, if they are not sure of dose they could always contact endocrinologist and get advice that's what my GP did as it can be quite a while before you get an appointment. I was diagnosed 20 yrs ago and was put on carbimizole and beta blockers straight away. I was on and off them for 12 yrs and felt pretty well most of the time. I had radio active iodine treatment 7 yrs ago which knocks out your thyroid and I became hypothyroid which was the worst thing I ever did that's what the little drink that ReallyFedUp

  • You could book another GP appointment now you've had time to think about all your questions and then you can discuss things calmly and find out what your treatment options are and what the doctors thoughts are.

    It's hard to do this when you don't feel well and you are anxious so take a trusted friend or relative with you if you can. Write out your questions beforehand and then you can go calm and prepared.

  • Hi do you mind me asking why you say that. Wish I had read your comment before I agreed to have RAI I've felt awful ever since told my endo recently felt like driving my car into a wall but it fell on deaf ears

  • Hi there i was diagnosed yesterday with hyperthyroidism and had 2 scans recently to do with other medical issues, one a ct scan and the other barium swallow and i noticed afterwards i felt even more hypo , just tried to brush it off but then had to have second xray and was told there was no iodine in the contrast drink. Well guest what there was, if i knew i had thyroid issues i would never had taken it. Cried all last night.

  • You need to make your complaint about what RAI has done very very loudly and take someone with you too its likely that much of the problem is your body was sensitised to very high levels of thyroid hormone and now is totally unable to cope on what the endo perceives to be normal ...also many people after RAI need Natural dessicated thyroid not Levo

    Get copies of your test results and post here ..also get




    Vit d3


    And whatever you do take at least 2000mg vit c in divided doses every single day

  • Why the vit C urgency out of interest?

  • I have been only diagnosed yesterday, i believe vitamin c helps thyroid function.

  • Vitamin C supports adrenals and also iron absorption along with imune system ..hyper and hypothyroid severely depletes vit c and vit B to point of scurvy and beri beri ...my husband had both despite a perfect diet

  • What is RAI ?

  • I asked that before its radio active iodine the imaging solution for xrays etc.

  • Please read the thread its explained already

  • I have just had doctor ring me he says i need to take beta blockers that he prescribed and said primary doctors do not give prescriptions for thyroid meds that is done by the specialists endoc, he said i could have copy of all my bloods etc but need to put it in writing, which i will do . He did say it doesnt matter what your results are the outcome is still the same!! Rude? Help

  • Charming GP !!!!

    I wonder when the prescribing of carbimazole changed because GPs used to write the prescriptions

    did he say how long your urgent endo apt would be

    as for rest he really is an a""""OLe

  • Thankyou for replying ibeas hoping you would, i did ask he said urgent referral usually 2 week wait!! But i got the impression he was busy. I am writing my letter requesting my thyroid bloods and ranges used and thyroid antibodies, iron bloods. Is thete anything else i need to state? Will the throid antibody range tell whether i have auto immune discease as i have been diagnosed with cealiac a short while back.

  • Yes quite agree what a a....ole

  • coeliac and underactive hashimotos normally go together so wonder if you are simply in a hyperactive phase of hashimotos

    yes do ask for results of every test done in recent past

    thyroid antibodies







    vit d3


    i wonder if they did intrinsic factor too by any chance

    what family history of medical conditions is there?

    the coeliac may be fro grandparents and their deaths may simlly be recorded as something else you need to start asking loads of questions right around the family

  • You have been a real help to me thankyou sooo much. Whats instrinsic factor?

  • Pernicous aneamia often masks as HYPO thyroid and can accompany thyroid disease

    Intrinsic factor should be tested whenever B12 is low as it will confirm PA

  • Would the lab have done this, is this something i should include in my letter

  • I doubt very much they would have done it

    Just ask for the other results i have listed and if they have not been done can u plz have them done because they are all interlinked

  • I will ask, just been trying yo remember what he daif im sure he said tsh was level 10 and t4 26, i worrying myself looking on internet thinkingbi have a tumor now cos tsh is high at 10.

  • I think you are being overloaded with info on this thread and it's making you worry unnecessarily, my advice is to slow down and relax, wait until you have your results and Endo appt before going off track thinking about other things. A TSH of 10 is not hyperthyroid !

  • Sure he said 10 on tsh and f4 26. I have worried myself stupid

  • This is why you need your results because there is not much point in guessing.

  • I agree im just being over eager

  • I dont think so ...i suggest TSH was 0.10 and free t4 was 26 if his claim of overactive is correct

    A freet4 of 26 is not that high at sll

  • Thankyou i just want my results now. I just want to say thankyou for all your help.im having a moment of feeling sorry for myself

  • We all understand that its natural ..try to calm down and not get too anxious because it will only make matters worse

    My husband went through what you are dealing with nearly 50 yrs ago and then there was no helpful internet sites like this

  • Thankyou.x

  • I have told you RAI =radio active iodine but often they will say "just a little drink " theres no need to be scared of having an overactive thyroid my husband had one ....just do not under any circumstance agree to RAI

    Just take advice from all the knowlegeable people on here and always insist on getting copies of blood test results to keep in a file

    You need to learn all you can about your own body and not be led into things by the medics

    Always question and research everything

  • Thankyou for your advice, i have iodine contrast material 2 times in the last month for scans and after both times i have felt even more breathless and rotten. This is so new to me as it was for all people on here.i will get copy of results

  • Oh, I've just seen what RAI stands for. I had one of those, but it wasn't a drink, it was an injection.

  • Are you sure ....normally if given RAI for an overactive thyroid its a drink

    The iodine cintrast for a CT scan is different

  • It was a capsule to swallow when I had RAI.

  • I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone on this site who has made me feel a little better tonught and has given me really good advice.x

  • When you get your results, the first thing you need to do is look for antibody results. Your doctor doesn't sound very competent - a competent doctor wouldn't scare his patient like that. So, you need those antibodies tested to verify his diagnosis. Too many doctors have seen a low TSH and jumped to the conclusion that the patient is hyper, without testing any further to confirm the diagnosis.

  • Hello greygoose i have cried my eyes out tonight because of feeling scared. Just too upset to ask for copy results etc, he has put me on beta blockers to take edge of symptons but still breathless but he has sent me forv urgent referral to enodoc. He said they know best on how to medicate and they will probably want to do further tests, i heard him say reading of 10 and then another for 26 but i was that worked up i just wanted to go home.just overwhelmed at moment and want to see light at the end of the tunnel

  • Yes, I understand. And, the good thing is that endos tend to be better at hyper, than hypo. Certainly your GP sounds a dead loss!

    It's really not that frightening. OK, so you feel very ill at the moment, of course you do. But, it's treatable - not curable, but controllable with treatment. But, first you need to know what you're treating, and that's why you need antibodies done. Don't be fobbed off!

    Your doctor wants a good punch on the nose for scaring you like that! Stupid man. He probably has such a boring little life, he enjoys the drama. But it really wasn't necessary to do so. So, have a good cry, then dry your eyes and tell yourself 'worse troubles at sea!' That's what my mum always told me. lol If your FT4 was 26, and your FT3 was 10 - which is the most likely scenario - they're not that high. I've seen a lot higher! You're not going to drop dead any time soon! :)

  • Michelle you are not doing yourself any good getting more stressed an overactive thyroid can be sorted your GP should have explained should have signed you off work and at least put you on a low dose of carbimazole

  • I know i am going to contact docs now

  • I've found Doctors and nurses always panic about high BP. I've learnt to ignore them.

  • Vvap they do frighten you, well they do me ,mine was high but not mega. I think it depends who does your bp.

  • Greygoose thankyou soo much, he did scare the living daylights out of me as he leant forward and said"now we have found something in your bloods and unfortunatley its hyper thyroid" i i have had a good cry and brushed myself down now. Will the endoc do the antibody test?

  • Your GP sounds as good as a chocolate teapot 😂 I was diagnosed in April this year and the palpitations were the most frightening part plus the shaking. She couldn't take my pulse or weigh me properly as I was shaking so much😂. I think you should see a different GP and get some Carbimazole they can always email the endo for dose advice. You will be anxious as being hyper can make little things seem like huge mountains. Apart from feeling rough I find the anxiety the hard part to deal with. You may all of a sudden get angry for no reason. Don't stress it will pass as quickly as it came and will be forgotten. I hope you get some help soon. Take each day as it comes. Sleep if you need to, but I suspect that's not happening right now. My house was so clean when I was really hyper 😂. Take care and remember we are all in the same boat or have been there x

  • Hello thank you so much i feel so lost, i have got beta blockers but i am not keen on taking rhem as all the withdrawel symptons plus i take a inhaler for suspected asthma. Im so confused as to why he has not started me on meds?

  • Go back and directly ask him and say you have been researching seeking advice from NHS choices site ....not just the web

  • Really dont want beta blockers just want the meds can i do that or do i have to wait

  • Go back to your GP or another GP and tell them that ...beta blockers are often given for hyperthyroid but they do not deal with the overactivity they just slow the resulting fast heart rate

  • I have a telephone appoinrment this afternoon, no face to face appointments left .did you take beta blockers? I will tell him i want to start a dose of meds and want my results and ranges

  • That's good I was going to say get an appointment as soon as . I am surprised you have been given beta blockers as I can't have them due to asthma. I hope it's a different GP .

  • What did they give you then?

  • I was put on 15mg Carbimazole to start with then it was increased to 30 after GP had emailed endo. Unfortunately I can't see the hospital until 8th September I've had to wait 5 months for appointment. But ours is a busy teaching hospital. The Carbimazole is good but will take a few weeks to feel better.

  • Havent started the beta blockers yet until i have spoken to doc, i just want to be better now, i have always been impatient to feel well. Lost weight aswell. Thankyou so much for your advice ive had so many replies.

  • Just quietly say that because he did not explain about overactive thyroid you found thyroiduk which is an NHS choices website ...they have asked why he did not start you on a low dose of carbimazole and can he please tell you what the actual results are for ;-




    Thyroid antibodies

    So that you can furthur understand whats happening ...

    Whatever you do dont demand or go in guns blazing..the above should be polite enough to get co operation

  • Yes i will ask him all of the above and post them to you. Just hope i get what i need. How long do i have to wait for a endoc appointment on urgent?

  • Honestly do not know as it might vary with areas ask the GP when u speak to him and get signed off work too

  • You'll probably have to ask for it - insist, even. Tell them you want antibodies done for Hashi's and Grave's, just to make sure.

    Your doctor put you on beta blockers because they reduce thyroid hormones. I'm not aware of any difficulties coming off them. I've done it twice. And I also have asthma.

  • Hi greygoose doc will be calling this pm i am asking for results and ranges of thyroid and antibodies plus iron bloods. Just a bit concerned of beta blockers if you could be asthmatic so going to adk for some other blockers and low dose of carbimazole.

  • Well, as I said, I have asthma, and whilst beta blockers made me feel pretty awful, they didn't affect my asthma.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't want to take carbimazole if my hyper blood test results are caused by Hashi's. And, would therefore insist on having antibodies tested - first for Graves, and if that's negative, then for Hashi's - before taking it. But, you must do as you think best.

  • Hi greygoose sorry to be a pain in the neck but just about to take the carbimazole and read a old thread, i going to doc on monday to ask for antibodies to be done, i dont know whether i should hold fire on the meds until results of other test butbthat could mean a further week.sorry to pester you.☺

  • That's alright. Try taking it now, see if it makes you feel better. Then, if it doesn't, you can tell the doctor when you see him.

  • Ok. Thankyou. Its so hard knowing what to do for the best isnt it.

  • Very often, yes. :)

  • Greygoose was your beta blockers propranalol?

  • Gosh! Can't remember. Many years ago. Sorry.

  • Hi greygoose i have finally took a beta blocker. Lol

  • That's good! How do you feel? :)

  • Not sure yet being my first one. Took it half hour ago. Feel less trembly😊

  • Propanalol is known to affect the use of inhalers for asthma as it blocks

    a receptor.

  • Thankyou for your info. I am not going to take anymore!!! Doc said leave them off

  • I was prescribed them for arrhythmia after chest and sinus infection but I never took them. Things that make your heart race are hot and spicy food -alcohol-l mustard- curry- chili peppers

    I was recommended to have a milky drink at night such as

    ovaltine or Horlicks or hot chocolate.(by a specialist) It has helped me sleep.

    Insomnia is a major part of hyperthyroid so I take sleeping pills

    I have a sleep disorder. They have helped enormously.

    When you have a hot drink make sure its not boiling hot or too hot . Heat makes the capillaries in your throat and stomach dilate. it can also increase your temperature and raise blood pressure.

  • Thankyou, i have a hiatus hernia so all of them foods i tend to stay clear of and have done for about 5 years after having a endoscopy, however did not know about the hot drink!! Good advice cos i do love a hot cup of tea.x

  • When you go to the GP nurse a hot cuppa can put your blood pressure up if the appointment is soon after drink. Hope the palps settle down -

    The more nervous you are the more your heart beats and your blood pressure goes up.

    Non of us can stop this ourselves - it's the autonomic nervous system taking over - we don't have voluntary control over this.

    I think it's a bit like a job interview with GP -

    most times you feel you haven't got the job!

  • I have posted my blood results if you could take alook.

  • Those results don't indicate you are badly hyperthyroid as your T4 and 3 are only mildly raised rather than sky high. As others have said on your new post you need antibodies tested to see if it is hyperthyroidism or hashimotos.

  • Thankyou bantam12 i think i understand go back to docs and ask for anti bodies test. Doc has gave me 20mgs one a day. I am doing right taking it now.

  • You should follow your docs advice for now, hope you get on ok.

  • Thankyou.☺

  • Is the treatment for hashis any different?

  • Yes because hashi is underactive thyroid with flare ups of hyperactivity until the thyroid burns itself out, treatment for underactive is Levothyroxine but don't worry about now.

  • But worried now incase carbimazole makes it worse.

  • It's not going to instantly do anything, take it as your doc has said and your next blood test will show what your levels are doing.

  • HI Michelle. I am hyper and was referred to an Endo quickly. Even gave me a scan the next day! Feeling frightened and scared and not taking anything in is one of the symptoms. when I look back and see my posts I think it is not like me to be like that. It is the disease. My scan didn't come to much, just multi nodular after all. Keep taking the beta blockers, they do a good job and will keep you safe until they give you carbimazole. The best advice I was given was, be kind to yourself. Chin up Val

  • Thankyou so much val i am so glad i found this very busy site and just want to get my appointment with endoc now and start to see light at the end of tunnel. And yes i will keep taking beta blockers, do they make you feel tired.

  • Yes, they calm your heart down which would be fast pulse if you weren't taking the beta blockers. The tired feeling will help you rest.. Take it easy.

  • Now you've got over the shock you need to think about what you're going to do next. The beta blockers will help stop your heart pounding. I couldn't take them because I have asthma.

    My GP gave me carbimazole an anti thyroid drug straight away. I was only taking 20mcg a day to begin with then I had another blood test and got a letter from my endo telling me to increase it to 40mcg a day. I think my GP must have been in contact with the endo to say she had start sc me on carbimazole, it took three months to get to see the endo.

    It took a while to feel normal again but I had been feeling awful for a long time before I was finally diagnosed, I knew I wasn't right and felt like a total hypochondriac so it was a real relief to me to finally be diagnosed.

    Read as much as you can about overactive thyroids. You need to find out whether or not you have antibodies - my doctor told me that I had a very overactive thyroid with antibodies - I later found out that is called Graves Disease, so you need to find out if you have thyroid antibodies.

    Ask for and keep a note of all your test results and the lab ranges they used. Ask to have your vitamin D, B12, ferritin and folate checked too, you need them all to be well up in their ranges to help your thyroid.

    I used a notebook then later found a cheap page a day diary and jotted down how I felt, sometimes it was just a linear two sometimes more. I also kept a note of what medicines I was taking and my blood test results and any interesting articles I found or read about overactive thyroids. That was really useful - if only to show me when I started to feel better.

    Don't panic, now you've been diagnosed you're half way to feeling better. I' have to agree with the others don't let anyone force you into having radio active iodine to kill your thyroid off. In my case I was told 'it's just a little pill' and the doctor held an imaginary 'little pill' between her thumb and finger. So avoid rai if you can.

  • Thankyou just feel lost and overwhelmed at moment, i did ask doctor yesterday about my bloods for anemia etc he said they are ok? He has referred me urgently to endoc but why has he not given me any thyroid meds? Do you think i should phone and ask?

  • What didvyou take for palps etc then?

  • I didn't take anything for the palpitations, I just started on carbimazole straight away. What happened was I hadn't been feeling well for a long time - years. Lots of nightly ilittle things. At the end of August I went to see my doctor for something, she sat there looking at me then said 'I think you need your holiday'. I came out feeling really cross and said to my husband that the doctor obviously thought I was nuts. Off we went on holiday, I still felt dreadful, I was a complete jumpy, nervous wreck. Then in November I nearly killed myself crossing a busy dual carriageway in the dark in my car. I went to the doctor next day, saw a different doctor, had blood tests on the Thursday and on thefriday I came home in the afternoon and found a message on my phone telling me I had a very overactive thyroid with antibodies, a prescription had been left for me at reception, take the pills, an appointment had been made with an endocrinologist and come back for more blood tests in four weeks. I did that and then got a letter from my endo telling me to double up on the Carbimazole. So I didn't ever have beta blockers, I just sat it out until the carbimazole lowered my TSH and the palpitations stopped by themselves.

    You could always see if your doctor could contact your endo and ask if he can start you on carbimazole. I live in England and close to a large teaching hospital and my surgery file shares with them which was probably why I was started straight away.

    I've heard of people in other areas who just have to wait until they get to the endo to start their treatment so I was lucky. At least you are getting beta blockers to help with the palpitations which are really horrible, mine used to stop me from sleeping.

    In the meantime try to get as much rest as you can, easier said than done I know but rest will help you feel a bit better.

  • Waiting for doc to call this pm as beta blockers are no good for suspected asthma. I do feel trembly and palps and also short of breath this one bothers me the most. Mine had been going on for 3 months docs put it down to virus, blood clot had ct scan, anxiety, asthma, acid reflux i have felt very negleted and done my own research on thyroid and asked for tests for thyroid and anemia and they came yesterday hyper.

  • Well done for doing your own research and keeping going. It's hard to keep going when you feel so ill. So you're doing really well.

  • Thankyou fruit and nutcase im trying and considering i knew nothing about it i have learnt quite abit from people on here in 24 hours. I havevmy moments when i feel worried thinkingbits something life threatening. I am taking the beta blockers tonight and feel quite nervous aboutvit cos ivevnever really had to take anything before.

  • Bantam has given you an opinion. I know how worried you

    feel as there is no such thing as a fast diagnosis. At least you've been fast tracked. Is there any sign of a goitre?

    If you are not sleeping this will affect you.The overtiredness,

    may show symptoms of trembles and your sugar levels going down. If you are not asthmatic then you can take the betablockers . However there are other drugs which may help

    calm you down which will in turn help your heart beat.

    What you need is rest as you have been overstressed for three months. If you are coping with this on your own this is worse.

    No need to reply. You had a diabetes test which was normal

    which is something.

  • I had started the betablockers again as i felt i may have panicked abit before and maybe i thought they wete affecting my breathing i am only taking 10mgs in morning and 5mgs night. Yrs i have noticed being tired makes the palps worse.just want to gain ad much knowledge as possible to get better. Starting carbimazole tomorrow morning.

  • Like Greygoose has said, you really need your blood test results to see what is actually going on. The doctor may not have given you carbimozole as he/she may not yet be sure what is causing your low TSH level.

    You do need to get antibody test results like Greygoose has said to find out whether you have thyroid antibodies which can cause low TSH or whether there is another cause.

    There are several conditions that could cause an overactive thyroid.

    If you have asthma, you should contact your GP to discuss taking the betablockers.

    Palpitations are uncomfortable but lots of us get them so don't worry about them. Whatever your thyroid condition, all can be treated.

    Sometimes overactive thyroid settles down after treatment and sorts itself out so your doctor may be being cautious. Could you see another doctor in your surgery and take your questions to them.

    Like Fruitand Nutcase has said, altered reactions can be part of the condition so you just need to be aware that you might not be reacting to things quite as you usually would but you will get back to normal again once your thyroid is back in balance.

  • Thankyou nanaedake i feel like im in a whirlwind at moment, so many people have told me that i need to get my results and i will, just confused with everything, but everyone here is so helpful, my email tab is constantly ringing. Ive never been so popular. Did you take beta blockers

  • Yes, I did take betablockers because I got very overdosed on Levothyroxine for complex reasons. However, it made me very overactive so the same kind of symptoms you are having now and I took betablockers to control the symptoms.

    You will have a patient information leaflet with your box of tablets and you should read it carefully. If you get any of the side effects described then immediately ring or visit your doctor.

    If you have asthma then make a telephone call to discuss your concern about taking betablockers with your doctor.

    Don't be afraid to contact your GP as this is all new to you and you're bound to have questions and worries.

  • Hi, I was diagnosed about 2 months ago with an overactive thyroid my TS4 level was 70 and the out of hours service were so worried they called me at 10:45 in the evening to tell me if I was worried to check myself into A&E. This sent me into a panic attack and as I was so worried, my husband called a paramedic and he checked me out and everything was fine. Anyway I saw my GP the next morning and she gave me some beta blockers as the biggest concern is if your pulse rate is above 100 and 40mg of carbimazole (after a brief chat with a consultant at the nearby hospital) . It takes 4-6 weeks for the carbimizole to start working so it is important to take the beta blockers and check your pulse in the meantime. My pulse rate really came down about 4 weeks in and the consultant reassured me that it wouldn't affect my life in any way. My pulse rate is now under control and I have stopped taking the beta blockers, my weight is starting to go on again ( groan) and all the shakes and anxiety I was experiencing have stopped. They have now reduced my carbimazole to 20mg as my TS4 level has come down. You can lead a normal life with this condition.

    Go back to see the GP and ask to be put on carbimazole, in the meantime don't worry as your pulse rate can be kept under control with the beta blockers,

  • Thankyou i am just very scared of taking beta blockers as if you have suspected asthma you cant take them? I do use a inhaler, and ive heard really nasty things about them when you have to come off them.

  • I would make another appointment to discuss all that with your GP, you've had a bit of a shock finding out what is wrong with you and you're really not feeling well anyway, in fact your body is probably feeling awful.

    Sit down and write out a few questions about the things that are worrying you most - not too many or you will lose him and you've not got all that much time anyway - then go along and get your questions answered, you could always say you know someone who has asthma and who was told she couldn't take beta blockers because of that. He will tell you why he is happy for you to take them.

    I've got other conditions as well as asthma so it could be that the combination of conditions I've got means it is better for me not to take them but you might only have asthma or maybe something else and so your doctor feels it is better for you to take them. You should discuss alll that with your doctor to put your mind straight.

  • Hi I took the beta blocker for about 4 weeks and gradually reduced the dose from 4 a day to 1 a day as my pulse rate seemed to settle down after this time. Now I don't take them at all. My GP was fine with this and I didn't have any ill effects. I can't comment about asthma but I would talk to your GP about that. Read up about overactive thyroid on Thyroid UK but I was most worried about my pulse rate being so high as it can cause heart attacks and strokes and that sounded a lot worse than taking the beta blockers for a short time.

  • I had to wait for the endo appointment to get carbimazole, but after that started to feel loads better very quickly (although you will probably be on carbi for quite a while). Ask how long it should take for your apopointment, and if it's going through be more than a couple of weeks ask if you can have at least a low dose of carbimazole (I'm not sure a go can prescribe the usual therapeutic dose). The beta blockers will help with tremors and palpitations, which should also help you feel better.

  • Hi valarian thankyou for your advice also, i receivef a call back from the doctor who was full of self importance who said primary care docs do not prescribe carbimazole even at a low dose, i am going to start beta blockers tonight and now am writing to docs for bloods and ranges. People on this forum are so helpful and knowledgeable, its a god send.

  • i'm not sure that all health trusts allow GPs to order FT 3 and antibody tests, so you may have to wait until you see your endo, or pay for private tests. My endo requested them automatically.

    The heart takes quite a beating when you're hyoer (quite literally!!), so the beta blockers are important. If you can't take the one prescribed because of asthma, talk to your gp ior even your pharmacist. However, sometimes it's a question of balancing the risks, and there is only so long someone can go on with a heart rate permanently as high as if they'd run for the bus !

  • Im going to start them tonight. Doc even hadnt said how long to take them for and when to cut down dose. Just really worried about having something like a tumor.

  • Bet you were knocked sideways when you heard the result.

    With hyperthyroid you get palpitations as the excess affects the heart. Very often it is thought

    to be an anxiety state so you have a doctor who is on the ball. An ultrasound test is much easier than an mri - you just lie down and think of what you want for your next birthday, and they put some gel and pass an ultrasound device over your thyroid and trace it. Painless procedure.

    When you've had the ultrasound you might be told you need a biopsy. That's when left the

    clinic, as if it was not possible to gain advice over other drugs before a biopsy, then it was too negative an experience - and I was not referred to an endocrine specialist!

    Since I had the ultra sound test, I have been ok - but now after looking at the website have boosted my iodine in my diet, with milk natural yoghurt, fish paste and sort of fish or shell fish,

    and over four months my prominent goitre has gone down - it is still there, but like you, I'm wary of some tests - think I'm as good as I'm going to be for the time being. The beta blockers will stabilise you until you have the test.

    If you need a biopsy then may be you can ask what other blood tests will show the result of

    your thyroid test before they do it. If thyroid runs in your family it might be something which

    is not too bad - but you never know.

  • Hello there thankyou for your reply the doctor had started me on beta blockers and has urgently referred me to endoc, he said he cannot prescribe meds as that is not a primary cares job, i am so eager now to get proper meds and try and get better. It was a shock and when i foundvoutvi cried all night and some of yesterday when i found myself having a moment and scaring myself to death thinking whatvif im gonna die and its something else!! Yes doc did say that endoc will probably want to do ultrasound or mri and even more bloods.i am droppingva letter of to my medical practice today asking for all my results and ranges.

  • So glad Michelle you are on the path to recovery. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thankyou.x

  • You should ask your doctor about use of asthma inhaler and betablockers - your

    info is correct - If it is arrhythmia may be diazepam may be better for you. I was prescribed this

    when I had thyrotoxicosis take care. You are right to trust your instinct.

  • Hi gadgrantg i have started on low dose of betas i am dling it very slow, i guessed if any side effects do happen they will happen surely within a couple of hours taking them? I was told to try half a tablet first then another half then try onevwhole tablet tomorrow and increase again. Feel ok at moment.doc said has not been confirmed that i defo asthmatic, one doc said no the other said sounds like it?

  • Forgot to say doc said pulse slightly high and bloodvpressure and palps dont know whether arryrthmia?

  • From information on the net the beta blockers block a receptor, which

    may make an inhaler ineffective. I suggest you ask your pharmacist

    about this, as they will have the info you need. He/she might recommend a

    change in prescription.

    If you are not diagnosed as asthmatic, you can still get symptoms from allergies

    such as dog and pet fur, pollen and weeds such as plantain, cleaning fluids

    and hair preparations and infections. I was prescribed a tablet to prevent an asthmatic attack (SIngular) as in cold weather I get breathing difficulties.

    No harm in asking the pharmacist - they are experienced, more so than G.Ps.

  • The ultra sound is fine. Ask for this. It just traces the type of shape and type of the thyroid

    . Usually they wont; touch it if it's a diffuse nodular sort, unless it is pressing on the windpipe.

    You usually see the surgeon or junior physician. Luckily you are seeing the endo who may explain

    the type of thyroid problem and give you medication.

    May be you should stick to the lower dose of your beta blocker if it's helping.

    Just a thought. To increase the iodine naturally in your diet, eat fish paste

    Milk and natural yoghurt every day, and also and anyl type of fish you like including crab

    shrimps and other shell fish.Sea salt is a source of iodine. You can buy online potassium iodide in salt from waitrose online, or sainsburys. I have been taking in food iodine and my thyroid

    has gone down. It is still there but it might continue to decrease with loaded iodine.

    Other helpful ideas come from Nutritional Resource Org UK.. Topping up the essential B vitamins

    boosting energy can be done through eating marmite which recently has been hailed as a super food.

    It includes vitamin b12 and 9 folate, and other b vitamins b1 b2 b3 and others. You either love it

    or hate it. I like it with about half a teaspoon, or a teaspoon spread over toast and butter.It is made

    from brewers yeast and is natural.

    Vitamin c in Boots tablets if taken several times a day will help boost your immune system. eg 250 gms orange flavour 4 times a day should help. Neither B or C vitamins are retained in he body so you can't give yourself too much. If you take B12 as a supplement, take it with b9. Bioactive

    drops of B12 are good but expensive from Us. Best to get it in food as folate I marmite.

    There are other foods which contain B12 which can be found on wikipaedia - broccoli

    and others may contain B12.Zinc with vitamin c lozenges may help digestive problems.

    I take seven seas zinc and vitamin c berries as they taste nice, from time to time.

    Other folk who have Hashimotos or hyperactive thyroid or even hypo, go on a gluten free diet which has helped them. Others recommend a histamine free diet cutting out cheddar cheese but eating soft cheese in small quantities such as cottage or goats cheese. The histamines in the cheese can increase inflammation in the gut.

    Focussing on your diet can be positive as it gives you something constructive to do to control

    your own health, Also hobbies, and diversions can help take your mind off things, until you have

    seen endo. The test results can be analysed by adminstrators. on the site.

  • Wow thankyou. I have been diagognosed with celiac discease via 2 blood tests i was due to have my endoscopy yestetday but the endo said not at the moment if you are feeling rough its the last thing i need having a invasive procedure done, Ive had one before so know im not ready yet. I love marmite but it tends to give me bad heartburn so i tend to avoid it but i love fish and eat quite a bit of that, can i ask and sorry if i sound stupid but the iodine, i thought my thyroid would not need iodine has i am hyper? Sorry i bet everyone is chuckling at this now. The doc said i would need a ultrasound. I do think mine is pressing on my windpipe. I am going to take some iron tablets and when i have my bloods taken in another4 weeks i will get irons tested aswell.

  • According to an administrator supplements of iodine are not recommended fro

    hypothyroid because most hypothyroid folk are on levothyroxine which is iodine.

    However hyperactive thyroid ie Graves disease or thyrotoxicosis is fine to take

    iodine in food. I take vitamin b12 vegensafe global healing in drops on your tongue which are bioactive but it should be

    taken with B9 folate, in food rather than as as supplement as it's absorption is complete.

    Many vitamins included b 6 are depleted by alcohol, and some drugs. cooking.

    That explains your breathlessness - if the thyroid is pressing on the windpipe

    but does not exclude allergic asthma.

    I am so pleased you have been fast tracked as you have been under such

    stress over the past few months. IAs you have recently been diagnosed with

    coeliac disease, having a gluten free diet will probably help you.

  • I have to wait till october 10th to see someone . Starting to take carbimazole later but bit scared to do it nowvas hubby at work, doc said if i get sore throat and temp go to hospital.

  • Take meds with milk. This lines stomach and throat.

    I do this for meds even when they might instruct you to take them

    before food or several hours after food. Wait until your hubbie comes home before you take them. As local gp services and minor injuries

    units close at 6pm - you then might have to go to an emergency unit

    in a main hospital. Think it unlikely you'll have any problems if you drink a some milk before you take tablet and swallow the tablet with milk.

    If you have any allergic asthma you can take over the counter brands

    such as piriton which will open airways. As my husband attracts every wasp in the district, we always carry some in the car and have them at home. It's important to check what strength the tablets are

    as some people may react if they are very thin, to a normal dose.

    That doesn't always follow you can be plump and react to a normal dose, which is too high for you. Ask your pharmacist as you have such a sensitive stomach - you can ring them for advice.

    Avoid hot drinks while you take the carbinazole or if you have tea

    or coffee take it hours after you have taken it and make sure drinks are warm rather than hot.

  • Should i take it in the evening around 7 cos thats when we have our dinner?and i do enjoy a cuppa in the day and usually i dont have a cuppa in thecevening.x

  • If your husband is not working tomorrow may be

    you should take it in the morning with cold milk not straight from fridge. Eat bland food after swallowing it such as cereal and milk or a banana - toast with honey ..

    If you experience any sore throat or burning immediately drink water to flush it out of system. Drinking water throughout the day may also help to dilute the effects of

    the drug. Apparently these side effects are usually reported to the doctor rather than going to hospital.

    However if you have the out of hours number for your practise you usually talk to a doctor online who will send you to the nearest minor injuries unit which are open during the day at weekends. Will send more info on vitamins in food - the b vitamins as you are not keen on marmite!

  • Bless you. Thankyou yes i am going to take it in the morning with a banana and yoghurt. Yes i look forward to more info thats great. X

  • Vitamins B1 Thiamine pork ham dark green leafy vegetables whole grain cereals bread wheatgerm green peas lentils nuts almonds pecans Hiccup!

    B2 riboflavin for the skin milk yoghurt cheese asparagus spinach dark leafy vegs chicken fish

    eggs fortified cereals.

    B3 Niacin chicken salmon fish, tin tuna in watr brine whole wheat for heart and nerve function and energy production

    B 5 pantothenic acid for enzymes found in apricots dried or fresh - if dried you can soak

    them in water as they are water soluble and have sulphur dioxide as a preservative which might affect some people with asthma. yoghurt avocado

    lentils sweet potatoes mushrooms broccoli

    B 6 in apricots poultry seafood bananas leafy green vegs spinach fortified cereals

    B12 animal foods pork ham chicken soy fortified cereals shell fish clams mussels crab beef

    Biotin liver and egg yolks salmon pasta avocado fruit vegs

    Folate - known as folic acid supplement found in food dark green leafy vegs broccoli savoy cabbage spinach turnip greens fresh fruit and vegs

    breads pastas for blood cell function

    Apricots are superfruit - many people in Asia live to a ripe old age - they contain the b vits and vitamin c vitamin F and vitamin K and vitamin A which is good for skin. They also contain minerals calcium iron manganese phosphorus potassium sodium and zinc. B12 and folates are essential for women during their lives and deficiency can affect blood and give rise to anaemia. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is a rea help to work with Bvits

    and with iron to help the blood.

    Cheers! They say the drug you are on should work within a week but after a month they may check and reassess.

  • Oh my god im full now!! Really appreciate you doing that, i really do like my veg and bananas, had chicken, brocolli and dark greens tonight so havent done to bad, sort of looking forward to taking it has want to see some sort of improvment to feel better as today have felt rough, thyroud feels sore and swollen and quite breathless its horrid. And got lije a burning sensation there(not heartburn feeling).😕

  • I can't imagine how long you have to wait to

    get some help - let me know later if you had any problems with the tablet - always take it calmly

    at the same time of day. It's great your hubby is

    there to help you.

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