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How long to get accurate results when taking higher dose for a week?

I took a higher dose of levo for a week (12.5 mcg higher) but had to go back to previous dose since Ft4 was at the top of range. Will do a Medichecks blood test to see levels of ft3 too. How long after going back to original dose can I do this? Since I only took it for a week it seems that I don't have to wait 6 weeks since it wouldn't be much of that extra 12.5 mcg left after a while?

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Do you mean top of range or over range? Top of range is okay. What were your results? Post them with with ranges and people can give you better advice.

Levo can stay in system quite a while so I would maybe leave it a month if you only took for a week - that is just what I'd do instinctively mind you - nothing more scientific behind that lol!!


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