Help us choose our new car stickers!

Help us choose our new car stickers!

We have got it down to three choices. We thought it would be a good idea to have one standard one and one T3 campaign one. Let us know which of the T3 campaign ones you like best!


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49 Replies

  • Top and bottom ones :-)

  • The one with the heart is more eye catching. I like it best.

  • I like the bottom one. It may be a little facetious but it will get people wondering what the campaign is about. :)

  • Number 1 really as it covers all Thyroid disorders not just those needing T3 :) Meant very respectfully xx

  • I prefer the T3 with the heart.

    Worries me a bit that if T3 is perceived to be too expensive people may not think we are 'worth it'.

  • I like the heart but it bothers me that most people don't even know what T3 is. I didn't a week ago, all this is very new to me.

  • Heart for T3

  • Middle one ~ !

  • I like the bottom one because it appeals to my sense of humour and would make me look up T3 but for clarity and the clean, simple immediate message the top one works best. I don't know why but if I wasn't already aware of T3 the heart one while eye catching would make me think that T3 is a boy band and I wouldn't investigate further.

  • Agree!

    Bottom one

  • Top one and the heart one for T3

  • The middle one for me, please. Even those who don't get well on levothyroxine can get some T3 added 'to put some energy into their battery (receptor cells).

  • Middle Sticker. 😊

  • Speaking just as a graphic designer - the top one is the most impactful as at a certain distance almost all text is indecipherable. So although I like the bottom text and message personally, it will just not be visible enough to most drivers. But increase the font size and weight to give it as much visibility as possible. X rusty

  • I agree Rusty64.

    I would also scrap the tagline (top left) and the logo (top right). You don't need those on this one. Just keep the web and twitter details at the bottom. That gives more space to significantly increase the "I ❤️ T3" size to maximise the impact.

  • Maybe add a QR code that goes to a special page on the website that explains what T3 is and what the campaign is about.

  • But in truth how many drivers are going to read the sticker then bother to look up what it's about, very few I think.

  • bantam12, That's probably true. But doing something is better than doing nothing.

    It might at least attract the interest of thyroid patients who aren't yet aware of the existence of T3.

    In the words of a certain supermarket 'Every little helps'.

  • ❤ one definately!

  • The❤️one is the most eye catching so that gets my vote

  • Top and middle

  • The heart one for T3

  • I think 3rd one as it will make people google what T3 actually is. Yes, it's cheesy and of the ilk of 'my other car is a Porsche' but it would make people inquisitive

  • I 💗 helvella for coming up with the bottom one. Also 💗 the middle one for being so eye catching, although it's a bit too druggie for me...or would that be 💜?

    Is the top one the standard one? Note to self: read posts then open wine :D

  • I prefer the third one although it would help if it could mention excessive price paid by NHS but I can't think of a way of making it short.

    I dislike the second one, doctors are always saying we take T3 because it just makes us feel good. the second one reinforces this idea.

  • Number 2 with the heart: eye catching.

    Thanks a lot for all this work.

  • The T3 stickers won't mean anything to Jo Public as they won't have a clue what it's about, instantly forgettable. I personally hate car stickers but if there has to be one then it has to be one that makes sense.

    Also if the aim is to raise awareness of thyroid disease in general the T3 stickers only apply to a relatively small number of people when the majority are well on Levo. It should about the disease not the treatment which is a separate issue.

  • bantam12, If you read the original post, there are to be two stickers. A general one for thyroid disease (Thyroid health matters) as well as the T3 campaign one.

  • Top one for me straight to the point ..

  • First one....or third one....and what a good idea this is by the way! X

  • I meant second one, not third....perhaps there should be one 're brain fog??.

  • It's the ❤️ one for me. Could we even tweak it to add - it's our fuel ?! Or 'Google it' as a call to action almost.

    Saying the car costs less makes us T3 users appear 'expensive to run' and Joe-Bloggs won't know the funding issue.

    Bravo for all the work put into this.

  • Top one

  • Middle one.

  • Middle one caught my eye first

  • Love the middle one!!! ❤️

  • The heart is eye catching but I think gives the wrong message. T3 is a necessity of life for those that take it not something to 'be in love' with. So for me the third one gets my vote. :) (Although I agree with jimh111, the NHS cost should come into it somewhere on the third one) but how... if only I had a brain ;/

  • Plain text isn't eye catching, so yes, that's why people are going for the heart one.

    Maybe it could say something like: ❤️ T3 is for LIFE ❤️ or My ❤️Needs T3

  • I agree. Think the heart is eye catching but no one will have a clue what it is about. Needs to link to health and the fact there's a campaign more clearly.

  • I think you are absolutely right redapple, either of these phrases back a punch & are eye catching with the heart included. 👍

  • Three third one

  • Since a lot of people like the heart and find it eye catching maybe

    'THYROIDS ❤️ T3' could work better. Just the I, heart and T3 means little to nothing to joe public, or most GP's.

  • Whichever one gets chosen...please contact me and allow me to improve the typography/design!

  • Thanks BrianWilliams, for the offer. May need to take you up on it but we've already had some help from someone in advertising who has improved the car sticker no end!

  • I like the heart one better for T3. But no one will know what it means, without a few words! eg We need T3. Or Give us T3. Or something...

  • I like the one with the heart ❤️

  • 2 & 3 really should be one sticker . It says it all . May I have 2 please xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I don't mind plastering my car or house infact 😊

  • The top one is perfect for raising awareness of Thyyoid UK & thyroud issues. For the T3 one I think the one with the heart ❤️ is best as it is eyecatching and doesn't portray T3 as being expensive as the priority is keeping T3 because people need it.

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