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Rt3 high. Endo no help

Ok I am a 37 yr old woman. For about the past 2 years I have been complaining to my OB that I am really tired, I cant loose any weight no matter what I do, sex drive is null and I have the feeling of just not caring along with some gut issues. Finally this year I had my thyroid tested. Lab results are as follows:

TSH 2.16 uIU/mL Range 0.34-5.60

T3 123 nd/dL Range 71-180

Free T3 3.4 pg/mL Range 2.0-4.4

Reverse T3 24.3 ng/dL Range 9.2-24.1

T4 Free 1.39 ng/dL Range 0.82-1.77

TPO 13 IU/mL Range 0-34

B12 637 Range 180-914

Vit D 59.9 Range 30-100

Alkaline Phosphatase 39 Range 39-117

LDL Cholesterol 120 Range 0-99

I have many other results just not sure what is needed.. Any help is greatly appreciated

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I am assuming you have not yet been diagnosed as being hypothyroid?

Did you have your blood test taken at the very earliest time, fasting (you can drink water). If you are taking thyroid hormone replacements, (levothyroxine) you have to allow a gap of 24 hours between the last dose and test and take afterwards.

Your results don't look too bad. In the UK we aren't diagnosed until the TSH is around 10, although some doctors will if it is around the top of the range (5.60).

I shall give you a link for clinical symptoms.



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