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Thyroid and sport

Dear all,

Please share your experience with thyroid issues and being an athlete..

I'm a fitness competitor and in the last 10 months been struggling to get stage lean, although I'm in excellent physical condition.

I've been stuck in dropping 3-4 kg of fat, no matter how many diets and cardio I did in the last 10 months.. until the blood test showed border low T3..

My coach suggested to start taking live long hormonal therapy ...

Any shared experience with similar issues will be highly appreciated!!

Thank you!!


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Hi - the first place to start is to get a copy of any blood test results that you have and post them. If you are in UK you are legally entitled to these. Without these, any advice could only be general at best and a guess at worst. As labs differ you need to post the ranges as well. They should look something like this tsh 4.1 (0.4-4,2).

Post any you can get of tsh, ft4, ft3, TpoAb, TgAb, vit d, vit b12, folate and ferritin. Also any blood count results available.



Thank you


Sporting activities at your level use up the circulating T3 very quickly - which could explain your border line result :-)


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