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Concordia claim they haven't been approached by NHS on T3 Price!

Concordia claim they haven't been approached by NHS on T3 Price!

Cannot believe my eyes on this one ....

Full article (Dated 3rd July 2017) πŸ‘‡πŸΌ


Please please keep signing and sharing this petition folks .... we have a huge mountain to climb in getting signatures .... have you exhausted every opportunity to get more? πŸ‘‡πŸΌ


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Neither can I. The 'authorities' probably have been looking for an excuse and the 'perfect' one came about with the increased price rise. Why would they query the rise?

It was a perfect way to 'BAN' the prescribing of T3 for those who definitely need it.

No - it isn't a 'fashionable' request but a life-giving hormone for those whose lives (and family lives) have been transformed.

The fact also that they banned the prescribing of NDT. Another product that gave people back their lives and seems to show an insensitivity one wouldn't expect from Professionals dealing with patients who have a dysfunctional thyroid gland. We (did) look up to these professionals in the hope against hope that they can resolve the miserable symptoms.

We've had some sorry stories on this forum and the immense stress caused to patients is incalculable. Do they care! ?



I just don't know who to believe anymore! Think if 'hidden agendas' was added to the vote it would come out top!

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I read this earlier which might be relevant. Not sure if it's old news as this is still quite all new to me:

"Liothyronine. This is used to treat underactive thyroid, but is costly and there is limited evidence of its effectiveness, NHSCC claimed. The vast majority of patients are controlled on the much cheaper levothyroxine, it added."


It says about the hit list of items that are too expensive to be on the NHS

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