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Ferritin results advice please


I'm struggling with fatigue so have gone back to look at my results from May 2017

Serum iron 15 (14-28)

Serum ferritin 78 (10-420)

GP note 'normal no action'

Serum urate 418. (140-360)

I was diagnosed with gout even though I don't have any sore feet or joints apart from ALL joints stiff particularly in the morning or after a period of inactivity

Any advice would be appreciated

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Your iron is at the very bottom of the range (indicated in brackets) and your ferritin is marginal. Look to SeasideSusie for her posts on restoring deficient nutrient levels. Consider raising iron levels by supplementing 2-3x a day, & taken with 500-1000 mg Vit C to prevent constipation. It must be on an empty stomach and 4 hours away from Levo.

How's your Vit D and B12?

Are you supplementing with Magnesium (not just any kind but the right kind)?:




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