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Where to purchase NDT online? UK Hypothyroid sufferer

Hello, I apologize in advance for asking this question when it's been posted many times, but I can't seem to find the answer.

I am 22 and I'm certain my thyroid is the cause of many health issues, debilitating anxiety, weight gain, loss of outer eyebrows, Thinning hair, Fatigue etc etc.

My TSH is 4.1

T3 4.7

T4 18.7

Where can I purchase NDT online without prescription as my GP's won't listen to me!

Thank you :)


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I know you have had an awful time these past few months but before you rush off I'd get the GP to test thyroid antibodies. Hashimoto's is the commonest form of hypothyroidism but treatment is the same but it would be well worthwhile to know if it is antibodies which are attacking your gland. They wax and wane and sometimes come along with unpleasant symptoms.

Before purchasing anything you must have confirmation.

Did you have your blood tests at the very earliest time, fasting. I know you aren't on thyroid hormones but if you had been you'd have left 24hours between last dose and test.

While asking the doctor to test thyroid antibodies ask also for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

We don't publish on the open forum of where to source thyroid hormones. Someone may respond to you by message but I would very definitely get your antibodies tested before resorting to self-medication.

Tick off the following symptoms and discuss with GP. Theoretically if young and healthy you should have none.



Doctors rarely test antibodies and considering Hashimoto's is the commonest cause of hypo, I don't know why they don't do it routinely.

Tell GP you've had advice from the NHS Choices for information about dysfunctions of the thyroid gland and you are following the advice.

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Welcome to the forum, Tom_7,

Can you post the lab ref ranges for your results (the figures in brackets after the results).

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Hello everyone

I’m going back to the GP on Thursday with yet another attempt to get a trial of thyroid medication!!! This time I have printed off a number of articles which shows the lower TSH is appropriate for treatment, and I’ll be sure to ask for the antibody and b12 tests etc!!

My results from the last test are as follows

Tsh 4.1 (0.40 - 5.50)

T3 4.6 (range unknown)

T4 18.7 (range unknown)

Serum folate 2.1 (3.90 - 26.80) now on folic acid

Serum ferritin 152 (22 - 322)

I had all these done in the morning as I’ve read earlier the better.

When I was at my previous appointment, I saw that in 2012 my TSH was 2.7... it’s gone up significantly in recent years

I’m struggling severely with life, I can’t function I’m a mess. They keep prescribing me various anti depressants like sweets and none have affected me in any way. My crown has also thinned heavily which could be a symptom too, happened around the same time my anxiety started


Anyone? I’m desperate for something to help me end my thyroid troubles


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