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Detailed Coded Access to Test results on Emis

Detailed Coded Access to Test results on Emis

Okay after some replies to my post last night I have posted what I can see of my test results on the EMIS Access GP system. This follows the advice in the RCGP information sheet I posted last night. I have Detailed Coded Access which is date restricted. This is what I see under the test results tab. It will also present these results in graphs if i press on the side arrow. All systems are designed to give test results with the values or reference ranges. Front line staff receptionists practice nurses etc generally have not been trained and give misinformation. I am working on this as I feel very strongly that we should see this information. My son has cancer and has missed vital information as the GP just filed it in his record. I am currently fighting for full record access so this does not happen again. However everyone is entitled to have the Detailed Coded right now and it should not be so difficult. If you want this do not give up! take information you can print off the links and present them to the surgery.

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Thanks for posting, DJR1.

Your posts how to access medical records have been very helpful.


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