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A Great GP Visit

Just to let you all know I saw my GP where I explained I had been taking NDT since February and asked for the iron panel vitamin b12 and D to be tested. I also got my TSH result which was 0: 27. I was so pleased with her response, she said it was interested and she had a few patients doing a similar thing. She printed off my results from the last few years, ordered the bloods and said. As long as we keep checking results and you listen to your body, I don't see any problem with you continuing this way!!!! What a relief I thanked her for listening and came out almost floating on air. So don't give up search for a sympathetic GP by asking others about their experience. Hurrah !

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Brilliant, thanks for posting :)

Linda x

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Well done to your GP for having an open mind, you are very lucky :)


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