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T3 dosage ?

Good Morning

I have recently received my Cynomel T3 25mcg and i am not sure how to introduce them.

I am currently taking 1.5 grains of NDT. This NDT replaced 100mcg of Levo which wasnt helping my symptoms. I am feeling better with NDT but wanted to try the T3 to help me feel even better.

Can anyone help with their experience of instroducing T3, i understand it will be a matter of how i feel but i dont want to over medicate.

Thank for any advice

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Can you post your thyroid results and ranges since taking 1.5 grains NDT? Are you intending to add T3 to NDT or switch from NDT to T3?


HI Clutter

I really am not sure yet. I have been taking NDT for a couple of months now and feeling a bit better from time to time. Suggestions have been made previously to try T3 so this was my next step. I am due to get some tests done in the next couple of weeks so don't have any since taking NDT as yet. I am going on how i feel rather than test results at the moment, and wondered what an introductory dose of T3 would be ?

Thanks J



A couple of months isn't long but is time enough for a thyroid test including FT3 to see whether you are optimally dosed or need adjustment. Without knowing FT3 result and range no one can advise whether to increase dose or add T3.


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