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Well all results are in ultrasound shows normal thyroid. All blood tests taken well within normal ranges except tsh which is lower range. Saw the gp today, no matter how hard she tried the lab refused to do a t4.

However she said clinically I am hypothyroid and against guidance she wants to put me on a 3 month trial of levothyroxine. She wants to treat the patient in front of her not the blood results. She has said that at 3 months I will have a tsh and t4 test and if that is too high it may be reduced or stopped. I really thought she was going to say we will watch it and see.

It will stop if I get raging palpitations too.

I am very lucky to have my gp I understand that and wish others were the same.

What is the best way to take it?

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I would get provate tests donw so you have an idea what your levels are. You ay have secondary or central hypo - low/low normal TSH and low free T4 and free T3. If you have it is very important that you are not treated by TSH, but by Free t4 and free t3 levels as the feeback loop between the throid and the pituitary/hypothalamus is broken. usually iof GP puts "suspected secondary hypothroidism" on form lab will test frees.


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