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NHS Poster on the advantages of GP test results being made available online!


As my previous posts have indicated full details of test results are available online to all patients in England. I know that some surgerys are still refusing to comply and are in breach of the NHS contract. However here is the poster which is circulating onTwitter which clearly states the value to the NHS.

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Hi, I have been denied my scan results by my Endo. All he says is that there is nothing sinister. I have asked for the results from the Endo and my doctors surgery and told we cannot give them. I have applied on line for the results but these are unavailable at this time. I don't want to antagonise the consultant as everyone is human, (some more than others) but would like to know what it entails to get these results, which I believe should be available for me to know. Thank you Val

Greybeard in reply to Vbgr

I have just been given access to my records online. It was as long winded as you might imagine. What you may not realise is that you can only see what is recorded after the date permission was given.

DJR1 in reply to Greybeard

Hello thanks for your reply. This is not strictly true some GP surgery allow full record access so you see all your record from when it started. However others will only give the minimum Detailed Coded Access which is part of the GP contract. Others again have decided at the practice to further date restrict your access. This has happened to me and I have raised it with the Royal College of General Practitioners as this was not supposed to happen. You can email PatientOnline for further advice.

DJR1 in reply to Vbgr

You do have a right to access your records. Please see NHS Choices about accessing your medical records. I had the same problem getting copies of clinic letters and had to do a Subject Access Request to see them. As I was to be charged the maximum fee for four letters I requested a copy of the whole of my record from 1959 as the fee is capped. This was very interesting as I saw my thyroid test results for 10 years and also saw the terms used in the new GP's description of me! If you want to contact Patient Online they may act for you regarding access to your Detailed Online Record but as the next poster has said the surgery may restrict access to date of application.

This is all very frustrating and wrong.

PS You will need to serve the Subject Access Request to your GP your Endo will not be made aware.

DJR1 in reply to DJR1

england.patient-online@nhs.net is part of NHS England that facilitates online access for patients and GP's.

Thank you for the info. Abviously, difficult if The doctor feels that way inclined. Val

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