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Doctor Ignoring me

So, I just moved to a new place and have a new doctor. When I went in to see him he tested my thyroid although it had been tested in March, now what's odd is that in March my tsh was at 1.91 and when it was tested to weeks ago it is now 3.49. I asked him why it was increasing and he said it fine it's still under 5.0. It is not fine though. The past 2 months I have been deathly tired, I can sleep 10 hours and still be exhausted. I am constipated every day and even more concerning I am now spotting midcycle AND my periods are incredibly irregular. For example I spotted this month and then my period was 5 days late. I have to do natural family planning and this is making it impossible. I am 27. I have a three year old and my breasts are still leaking although I have not breastfed for over a year and a half. This is not normal. The last time I felt this way I was originally diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I feel terrible and he is just ignoring it. I can not see and endo as the hospital system here requires my gp refer me and he won't because he does not see an issue. I cannot live this way.

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The first thing to do is get your test results and ranges from the surgery. You need to establish whether you have Hashimotos. If you have to pay to access them then I would suggest having private tests instead. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 it is your legal right to have access to your test results and the ranges and you don't need to give a reason, but some GP practices make it difficult therefore it is often easier to do your own private tests.

Private tests can be done from Medichecks or Blue Horizons who use NHS labs doing private work. You can have finger prick tests which you do at home and send back through the post. I suggest you sign up on the Medichecks and Blue Horizon sites to be notified when they have offers so you can get the tests done cheaper.

The ranges are needed as different labs use different equipment. The tests you need done are TSH, free T4, free T3 and thyroid antibodies. If possible also get ALL these done ferritin, folate, vitamin D and vitamin B12. However for now if you cannot afford these vitamin/nutrient tests just get the thyroid ones done.

The test need to be done early morning after fasting 12 hours before which is overnight. You can drink water though. The last dose of levo should be your morning dose the day before. Your next dose should be taken after the test. All your blood tests should be done like this.

When you have your result and ranges start a new thread on the forum. Posters will advis you on what to do.

Unfortunately most GPs and even some endos are damn useless in treating the thyroid, and so you need to get advice on what to ask for, what the NHS is likely to pay for under the postcode lottery and when to change GP. In this case I strongly suggest you see another GP in your practice as this one doesn't know what he is talking about in terms of the thyroid.


Unfortunately, it would seem, that the least qualified are doctors and many endocrinologists.

You know yourself best and if you have all of these clinical symptoms plus a TSH of 3.49 shows your dose is too low. When hypo, we aim for a TSH of 1 or lower.

I shall give you a couple of links and you can try another approach to GP stating that you've contacted an NHS Choices for help/advice on dysfunctions of the thyroid gland and you've been advised an increase is required to relieve symptoms.

All blood tests for thyroid hormones have to be at the very earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours approx between last dose and test and take afterwards.

Tick off your clinical symptoms and give him a copy plus interpretation of results.

If he refuses you can always source your own levothyroxine. This can only be done by asking for a Private Message to be sent to you as nothing is permitted on the open forum.

Always get a print-out with the ranges of tests and post for comments. Also ask GP to test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as we have to have everything at optimum.



We have to take our own health into our own hands.

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Leaking breast milk needs investigation. It can be due to excess prolactin, and this can also upset menstrual cycle. Ask for prolactin blood test and referral to endocrinologist who specialises in pituitary and thyroid

High prolactin can be linked to thyroid

You can email Louise at Thyroid Uk for list of recommended thyroid specialists.



Thank you all!


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