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Tingling up back of head?

Hi all ...since raising 1/4 grain.. (so now on 2) I have had this wierd tingling(that comes and goes) up the back of my neck like my scalp is going to lift off and I can feel it a little in my cheek too!I had been up to 3 grains at one point and do not recall this happening before! bloods showed I was still undermedicated on 1.75 grain (t4 just on range/t3 just a little over half way /tsh supressed)so wouldn't have thought I had become overmedicated? Plus my temperatures are still showing hypo..I know it can be b12 deficiency but it wasn't that bad to start with and I've actually been supplementing with it for last few wks so if anything it should be better!...Could this be over medication? ..Or maybe a symptom of undermedication? ?I'm confused where it's come from...or what to do...!It's irritating me now!!!🤕

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I had this when I had my drama of switching from NDT to T4 then back again (basically my levels crashed and I'm having to rebuild them again) but the tingling eventually stopped. How long has it been going on? Maybe it's just an adjustment symptom?

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