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The T3 battle!

Hi all, new to here but experiencing the same struggle as a lot of you.

Been on T3/T4 since I was 19 when T4 only didn't work. NHS GPs have gradually taken me down on T3 over the years. Then removed me completely from T3 in 2015. Am now back on it through private doc but it is so costly and I still don't think am on enough - symptoms are bad again. My NHS GP (a new one - different to the one who removed me from T3) approached CCG and an NHS endocrinologist who proposed taking me off T3 without even seeing me to discuss history or symptoms (I had never seen him before); I simply got a letter in the post.

My private doc is now closing his surgery and I cannot afford to keep buying T3 privately... is there anywhere safe or reliable people source this online? And any recommendations on doctors (private or otherwise) would be really welcome. I am based between London and Kent. Pls PM me if so on both counts! Thank you!

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I anyone has any information regard where to source T3, please send a Private Message in accordance with the guidelines.

Thank you.


If members can recommend sources or doctors they will send you a private message. To read a private message:

To send Lhop a private message:

Email louise.roberts@thyroiduk for a list of member recommended endocrinologists and private GPs.

Please complete the NHS England Survey re deprescribing Liothyronine.

Please also sign the petition requesting better thyroid diagnosis, testing and treatment.

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