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Just been diagnosed/started treatment for hyperthyroidism... Help!

Hi everyone. Have been using good old Dr Google to research anything and everything about being hyper and happily stumbled onto this website. Have read a fair few of the threads on being hyper and they have all been helpful, so thank you all.

What I haven't found is anyone who has had the same experience as me and my crappy thyroid. I'm 41 now and when I was 18/19 I had a thyroid test and my tsh was high end of normal an t4 was lower end of normal but I had a very high level of antibodies. As I was in the normal range it wasn't treated just monitored. My next blood test came back perfectly normal an no antibodies, doc basically said it was one of those things.

Fast forward to 2008 had a blood test this time came back over (had all the symptoms wasn't suprised) was referred to the endo and given propranalol to help until I saw them. Went to my endo appointment given a prescription and a blood test. Next day i got a phone call from the endo saying don't take the tablets it's gone back to normal! A letter that she sent to me after stated that though uncommon the thyroid can grumble along but will eventually pack up completely.

Had a blood test yearly after that and all fine. Then early this year started to get all the symptoms tremor, resting heart rate of well over 100, muscle weakness, rage... it's like I have a permanent hangover without the fun bit before lol. Bloods come back no tsh and t4 of 37 plus 2 other readings of 9 and 16.8 (cannot remember what these were for my head is a shed atm) so have received an appointment for the endo and they have asked me to take 20mg carbimazole. I've started it today but am so worried that my thyroid will go back to normal on its own as it did before an the tablets will send me hypo. I left it as long as I could before I went to the docs but it was effecting me so much I couldn't ignore it anymore.

So if your still reading this I suppose my question is he anyone else's thyroid done this kind of thing and what happened? And also what happens next?

Thanks for reading x

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Yes, hi!! My thyroid did a very similar thing. 2006 i went super high and then back to normal within 6 months. Doctors couldn't believe or understand. Then 2 years ago i started this fun cycle where it would go hyper for 2 months then normal for 3 then back to hyper for 2/3 then normal for 2/3 and so on. My tsh stayed low the whole time and I am also weird as I get very few symptoms (hr of 64 when hyper). I was terrified of taking meds and going hypo and i avoided it for a year but last year i met an endo with listened (a small miracle!) and prescribed low dose carb (2.5 mg a day is as high as it got, altho everyone is different obv) with monthly tests for the first 6 months. I came within range after 6 weeks (apparently this timeline is very common so remember toget testedat 6 weeks) and have been euthyroid on low dose for a year. Speak to your doctor about watching you carefully and show your history. They will reduce yourdoseas soon as you are in range but i suggest that you push for monthly tests until you stablize. Best of luck and welcome!

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Thank you, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one with a weird thyroid.. though I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

My appointment is 18th Aug so I'm going to go in armed with lots of questions and request a lower dose and regular blood tests. I have a horrible feeling that the next 18-24 months are not going to be fun at all!

Thanks again for your reply ☺


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