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Hair falling out 😂can anyone give advise please?



I've been on the under active thyroid journey for 4 months now.

It started with me becoming very ill very quickly. Within a week I was sleeping 7 hours in the day and still sleeping at night, dizzy, slurring my words, headaches that turned to severe migraines, pins and needles, muscle pains, a yellow face, loss of hearing, poor memory, freezing cold and more.

I was Diagnosed with an under active thyroid immediately with a TSH of over 100. I am on 125 Levo and under a private Endo. (Started on 50)

My hair was falling but mainly short new hair, this made my hair start to thin in patches. Patches that hurt on my head.

My Endo tested my Vit D and B12 and ferritin and all normal.

I noticed that when he increased my dose to 125 I felt so much better with less symptoms but more hair loss. Long hairs this time.

It's been a struggle to get back to some sort of normal and I'm still too weak to exercise, do gardening or even clean my house. I have just managed to go back to work part time.

This week (month 4) bloods have showed my T4 20.5 and TSH 1.39. I'm still very sympathetic though but no way as ill as I was. Headaches warn me I'm tired and slight pins and needles. My hair still seems dry, lifeless and is still falling out.

I drink lots of water and have a healthy diet and have always looked after my shoulder length hair.

Endo has said will test my T3 in 4 weeks if hair still falling and symptoms are still present.

Can anyone offer any hair advice. I've read about hair supplements that seem to work for people, but do they if you have a thyroid issue!?

What shampoo and conditioner do other thyroid suffers use?

Thanks everyone

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Hi Milford22 I also have hair loss and understand how hard that is. The shampoo and conditioner I use is Kirkland professional salon formula. It's sulfate paraben and gluten free. I find it to be good it doesn't irritate my scalp like some shampoos. I bought it from Amazon they're litre bottles and I've had them months, you only need 1 pump and add more water because it doesn't soap up as no sulphate. I also have a shower filter to take out chlorine and other nasties that aren't good for your hair, skin. It fits between the hose and shower head, they last 6 months mine was about £10 from Amazon also. I also take biotin which stops hair shedding but you must stop taking it before thyroid blood test as it can give false results. Recently I have started using organic jojoba oil on my scalp as it's cleansing and nourishes the hair from the roots to help it grow strong and to promote hair growth. It has soothed my scalp it is not itchy and dry anymore. Hopefully some of these things might help.


Thanks so much for your help. Ref biotin where do you get it from please. How long before the routine blood tests do you stop taking it.

Is this hair loss temporary until hormones are balanced again or is this a life long thing now do you know.

My Endo tells me it will grow back and settle but from what I'm reading people seem to still suffer.

I understand it's probably different from person to person but just wondering in your case?

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