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Where to buy T3 - no prescription


Hi, I was wondering if anyone could message me on where I would be able to buy T3 medication online with no prescription. I had my bloods done privately because I have been struggling with weight gain and other symtoms for a while now. My results were FT4 14.2pmol and FT3 2.7 (range 3.1-6.8). So my FT3 is low. My GP was unable to prescribe me T3 and referred me to the hospital but the doctor at the hospital will not prescribe me yet. So I am looking to self medicate and get regular blood tests to check and get my T3 to optimal level.

Can anybody help on where I could source T3 medication online? I have read that you can buy in Greece or Turkey over the counter?

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Welcome to the forum, Boudivella.

There is a shortage of Uni-Pharma T3 and Uni-Pharma are asking pharmacies to fax prescriptions before they send T3 so you are unlikely to be able to buy over the counter in Greece. Tiromel is available over the counter in Turkey. Order 48-72 hours in advance because many pharmacies hold small stocks and will need to order in.

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