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Patients Association Response on the withdrawal of T3

Taken from the Patients Association website. They are welcoming patients views on the consultation to withdrawal of T3. They will respond to the Government on patients behalf. Another pressure group helping out.

"This week a caller contacted us as they were concerned that Liothyronine has been included on a list of medicines that NHS England is considering no longer prescribing.


NHS England is currently running a consultation to stop prescribing drugs they considered to be 'wasteful and ineffective'. One of the drugs on the list is Liothyronine. Liothyronine is a thyroid hormone used to treat certain thyroid conditions including hyperthyroidism. The caller was worried as Liothyronine is not an over the counter drug and she did not know of any alternative drugs that she could take.

We advised the caller to contact her CCG and gave her information about how to identify the appropriate CCG based on her post code. We also told her that if the CCG did withdraw the medication from prescription she could ask what alternative suitable medications will be made available and that she should be given full information about the replacement drug. We advised her to include us in her email to the CCG and to contact us again when she has received a reply.

The caller thanked us for all our help and was keen to encourage anyone to contact us if they had similar concerns about Liothyronine.

We are planning to respond to the NHS England consultation on behalf of patients, so if anyone has worries about Liothyronine or any of the medicines that are no longer being prescribed, please let us know so we can include it in our response.

If you would like to contribute to our response or would be interested in giving your views directly to NHS England, please email us at policy@patients-association.com. "

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patients-association.org.uk... is the only other place I can see where you can leave a response. I will be writing of my sorry tale of GP blunder and spendy alternatives with the help of HUTUK, over the weekend. That email address - policy@patients-association.com doesn't hyperlink so I wonder if it would work? :)


I cannot get the hyperlink to work either but it came to me embedded in an email where it does work. I think if people type in the address section on their email it will go to the right place.

Sorry about that but it has been lost somehow in the copy and paste.

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