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Latest test results

Got tested this morning, TSH 3.2 (04-4) and Ft4 13 (10-25), last test on May TSH 2.9 and ft4 12(10-25).

I've got more test waiting, as those could not be done today. I am getting TSHrab tests as that doctor who contacted me out of nowhere suspects, I could actually have blocking antibodies based on my history.

Well from my profile you can check out my test history from recent year, TSH keeps hovering around 3 or above while ft4 stays relatively low.

Can quite safely say that my TSH is not a bit rise because of anything transient that would pass by itself.

I have gained 2,5 kilos in two weeks, heavy achy legs and very sleepy.

Any ideas or thoughts? Or is it just how it is, my thyroid numbers are not good and less likely they would magically normalize?

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TSH is high in range and FT4 low in range which indicates failing thyroid. It's a pity doctors are treating guidelines like tramlines and haven't trialled you on Levothyroxine to see whether symptoms and thyroid levels improve even though TSH hasn't gone over 4.0 which a population average and not individual to you.


Yeah my GP agreed to test me after I called her, but she wont trial levo, unless my TSH is closer to 4.

The doctor who contacted me out of nowhere will trial levo as he figured my history weighs more than just TSH. Just need to do rest of the tests so he can be sure there is nothing else going on. He can also prescribe T3 and NDT if levo does not suit me. So I am in a good place that way, he treats me for free as he figures it his obligation to do so after finding out I have been mis- and or untreated for two decades :)



Well, finally you've found someone prepared to think instead of being hidebound by the ranges. I do hope it helps and improves your symptoms.

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Yeah. Was about the time to find someone who sees the bigger picture. Tho he found me after hearing my story.

I probably never fully recover, but since fixing vitamins and nutrients I have gotten so much better I figured fixing my thyroid would help to achieve at least tolerable life! Will see.


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