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How long for change?

Hi, I'm not currently diagnosed - I had bloods done in February and TSH came back as 2 (they didn't do T3/T4 etc, I didn't actually go for a thyroid test it was just general bloods). Since then I've developed what I think are symptoms of hypothyroidism - tiredness, weight gain, puffy face, lump in throat feeling. What I'm wondering is, can it change that quickly between February and now? I've had more bloods done and waiting on the results. Thanks

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The following is not the ranges the NHS use:-

This is a list of clinical symptoms and tick off the ones you have.

Any blood tests have to be at the very earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and if on thyroid hormone replacement allow 24 hours gap between dose and test and take afterwards. This gives a better result for us, the patients.

I think the NHS usually only do TSH and T4. That's not sufficient but if you can afford it you can use a Private Lab who will do the whole range for you.

Blue Horizon and Medichecks are popular as they can do all of the necessary tests required.


Thanks for this, really useful! So actually by these standards I was already a little high in Feb - my GP said she considers a TSH of 2 to be normal (clearly they're using different ranges as you say). I had bloods taken yesterday but I'm not sure what they were actually testing (nurse didn't know specifically she just said thyroid function test) - I sincerely hope they're testing more than just TSH! If this doesn't get me anywhere I'll try medichecks. I had the bloods done early morning and hadn't eaten yet that morning. Thank you v much :)


Unfortunately for many, many people in the UK, the guidelines state not to provide hormone replacement until the TSH reaches 10 !

They rarely test the FT3 and FT4 and I'll give a link and you can read the reason why it can be tested.

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Thank you :)


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