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Newbie and Thyroid Results Help Needed Please


I've been suffering with hair shedding and unusual cycles for nearly a year now. Doctors have been pretty useless and I have been concerned about Thyroid levels for a while now. I have just had a private blood test done and have received the results today.

Am hoping that one of you lovely people may be able to help interpret them so that I am armed with some facts when I go to the doctors later on today.

TSH 4.19

Total T4 92

Free T4 14.19

T3 4.5

Thank you in advance for any advice/help given.

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Hi & welcome Tilly4547

We need the ranges e.g. TSH (0.5 - 5) - but anything over 1 is Hypo in my books.

Have you had your iron/ferritin, folate/B12 and Vit D tested?

Have a look on our main TUK site for more info...


J :D


As Spareribs has stated, due to labs using different machines ranges can be different, so it makes it easier to comment.

Did you have the test as early as possible, fasting (you can drink water)?



Thanks for your replies. The lab ranges for the TSH were up to 4.2 if that helps. Everything else was fine.


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