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Gp wants me to wait 12 weeks before retesting?

Hi was just wondering if anyone knows why my gp wants me to wait 12 weeks this time instead of 8?

I waited 7 weeks last time (so that I could get my results back and an appt before running out of meds at 8 weeks) and my tsh had gone from 6.53 (0.27-4.2) on 25mcg t4 to 4.7 on 50mcg.

She increased me to 75mcg but wasn't at all happy I'd only waited 7 weeks and said we're supposed to wait 3 months so to wait next time.

What would be her reason for wanting me to wait 3 months instead? I know it says on here it takes 6 weeks to metabolise the dose so test 6-8 weeks.

I haven't felt any better since increasing to 75mcg and with my tsh being back close to within range from increasing to 50's I really thought I would or would nearly be.

I've actually felt worse and I'm 2 weeks late on my already long and irregular cycle so nearly 2 months without and I'm not pregnant.

Is there any reason other than wanting to leave us to struggle a bit longer?

I'm supplementing for deficient folic acid and vit d which were normal last test and due a b12 injection a week today (and counting)


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75mcg is likely to be sufficient to bring TSH into the lower range 0.27 - 1.0 but symptoms may lag behind by a few weeks so perhaps that is why your GP wants to wait to test 3 months after the dose increase.

You should order a repeat prescription a week before your Levothyroxine runs out. Your GP receptionist will tell you how to do it.


Thanks Clutter. I just wanted to check she wasn't just fobbing me off.

I just don't understand how I feel more tired than when on 50s and why I've missed a period again. Since starting Levo they were still irregular but had returned to monthly.

Will wait and see if my b12 injection makes any difference next week.

Thanks again


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