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NDT and Depression

I'm now on 3 grains of Thiroid NDT from Thailand after switching from Naturethroid because of price. Unfortunately the depression that has been a constant throughout my life has increased over the last few weeks so that I'm in a deep horrible place and can't seem to dig my way out. Is it possible it's the NDT? I really hope not because I don't do well on either levo, T3 alone or a combination of both.

It's not helped that my sister has terminal lung cancer and is very sick but I'm struggling to cope with anything right now and feel that it's not just this awful situation which accounts for how dreadful I'm feeling.

I'm resisting asking my GP for antidepressants because of the side effects and because also I had hoped that finding the right thyroid medication would be the key to addressing my horrible mental health issues and it seems they are worsening.

I feel I am stuck and unable to move forward or decide what's best to do. I'd really appreciate any input. Thank you.

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I'm very sorry to hear how ill your sister is.

I don't really see how you can rule out Thiroid exacerbating your depression without trying say NatureThroid to see whether depression lifts.

If your depression isn't caused by low thyroid there's no reason to expect thyroid hormone to lift it. There's no shame in asking your GP for antidepressants. You should ask to try different brands if you find you are experiencing adverse effects.

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Thanks Clutter. I'll try going back to Naturethroid and see if the depression lifts but I don't hold out much hope - actually I don't hold out much hope for anything at the moment! I appreciate your advice.

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IT is a horrible place, that deep sh*t pit! But somewhere, hidden in the murk there is a ladder to take you upwards. ANYTHING that helps you find the first rung is a help, whether is is ADs, fags, cuddles, NDT is so valuable. I know the last thing you want to do is fight, but it really is worth it. Whatever gets you to the first rung and a hand hold has to be worth the fight.

So sorry to hear about your sister - it must have knocked you sideways. She would not want you to feel like this though. PM me if you just need the old shoulder and someone to shout at. Keep going, I know it is difficult, but the end result is worth the fight

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