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Weird new symptom?

Hi all. Odd question maybe but can a vibrating foot be a symptom of UAT? For a few days now I have had a feeling like a phone on vibrate in the bottom of my right foot, it thrumms or buzzes for a second them stops for a second then thrumms again. It doesn't hurt but it's been driving me nuts trying to figure out why I am feeling it. I tried different chairs it still buzzes, I went upstairs in case I was feeling a vibration through the floor and I tried to walk it off. It's definitely me and not my surroundings.

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I have had this . It lasted a few days then went away . Not sure what it was . Probably another weird and wonderful ailment we all seem to get .

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How are your B12/folate levels? low levels can lead to neurological symptoms. To ensure thyroid medication works properly check your mineral and vitamin levels are optimal. J :D


Thanks Spareribs. B12 and folate are both right at the bottom of the range. I'm actually at the GP tomorrow to get the repeat test results (if they arive in time). I was being tested for a second low result and parietal cells as well to see if I can have a B12 injection. So it's probably related to that then and not my imagination going nuts? I'll tell the GP about it if I remember.

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