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Hashimotos Breathing Problems?


Hello All,

Can somebody please tell me if Hashi's can cause a breathing issue? For 15 months I've had a weird stridor(noise) and tightness from my throat.

The noise is worse on waking up and after eating. I'm on PPI's, Hydroxychloroquine and Levo (75/100)

I've had lung function tests, gastroscopies, PH study, CT scans of sinuses, chest and neck and they were all normal.

I've had a cough for 3 years so this breathing issue is really just another nail.....

Thanks in advance

Jo x

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Hi I'm no specialist but reading this I have similar symptoms and I'm trying to get diagnosed for Hashimoto's. How long did it take for them to take you seriously? The breathing thing is so horrible I do feel for you. I hope you get an answer soon x

MrsBoilie in reply to Lisa27b


Since the pain and fatigue all started about 6 years! Cough and breathing 3 years and 16 months respectively.

Thanks went to a private endo who checked for the antibodies and hey presto! I'm still suffering though so the diagnosis was just a label.

Hope you get sorted.


Do you think it could be a side effect of one of the medications you are taking? Would it be worth trying a different brand for each one at a time to check it out? Some people are sensitive to medicines and perhaps people with thyroid conditions might have different reactions than other people? You could read all the medicines side effects but also check it out online. If the side effects are rare, they are not always listed on the patient information leaflet that accompanies the medicine.

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