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Any thoughts on test results?

Had a blood test showing Ast 44 Alt 133 so doc ordered another a month later and this time it was Ast 44 Alt 108 and ggt 77. Also told cholesterol 7.7 and triglycerides 5. Also had high white cells in urine and now being treated for prostatitis.

Then had ultrasound and told my liver looks perfectly healthy and no signs of fat. Doc has now referred me to liver specialist I am seeing in about a month. In the meantime I am worrying about this and wondering what this could be.

I am 41. Overweight (5.9 16 st 10) but eat a healthy low fat diet and excercise regularly . Had an ablation for atrial flutter 2 years ago and now have an implant loop recorder since early may..but no AF since. Seem to get regular upset stomachs doc thinks could be ibs.

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If you have the lab ref ranges for those results see which are above or below range and Google "Ast high" or "Ast low" etc to get an explanation of what the liver results may mean.

Are your thyroid levels optimal? Low thyroid can cause high cholesterol and triglycerides.


A low-fat diet is in no way healthy! The body needs fat, and eating doesn't make you fat, and it doesn't raise your cholesterol. You'll probably feel a lot better if you start eating some good fat, like butter, olive oil, nuts and nut oils, coconut oil, animal fat, avocado and avocado oil...


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