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Gluten/ candida/ Mercury withdrawal

Hi Everyone.

Please help with some information. I was told that I am sensitive to Gluten/ candida/ and have a high level of mercury from eating tuna everyday for many years. My nutritionist told me to stop eating gluten stay away from all sugars because of the candida and wanted me to take supplements for mercury which were to expensive so I am not taken them. But stopping cold turkey with the gluten and sugar my body is turn upside down. My stomach which I have never had problems with is blotted, heavy feeling in pain. My joints in my toes and finger and hurting more. My anxiety is bad. My bowel movements are different. Is this normal detox??????? Maybe I should have slowly stopped eating these food instead of cold turkey. It's been 2 weeks since I stopped so is this what happens????? Please anyone else out there with this problem and does it get better???? Thanks. God bless you all.

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Are you eating enough fiber? Have you substituted rice or other grains? Myself I would start with the glutenfree thing first, get that established, then sugar free next. The bloating is likely constipation... but are you taking thyroid hormones as well? But in the meantime here is a link to the same question on the forum with some very good replies to read. Bu I do know that the withdrawal from sugar can make you feel like death. Look to the right hand side of the page and look at "related posts" to read more replies on the topic.

And another link worth reading


journey22 have you actually been tested for heavy metal toxicity? What were the mercury supplements?

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