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Does anyone know if it is OK to take Black Cohosh whilst using T3?

All of my life even since a child I have suffered extreme body heat issues but never excessive sweating just burning hot. I am now on T3 from my endo which I take 20mc twice daily and a small dose 12 mc of T4 at night. I am feeling so much better in myself in every way possible except I now have even more severe heat intolerance and sweating so profusely that I am leaking from my head downwards. A friend suggested Black Cohosh? I don't want to disturb my otherwise good results from the T3, does anyone know if Black Cohosh would help me or any other safe suggestions?

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Some info on Black Cohosh you might want to read :


I haven't read the link myself, nor have I taken Black Cohosh, but I always consult the examine.com site for any info on supplements that are new to me. The lists of references are very useful.


One possible cause of your excessive heat and sweating is having the wrong levels of cortisol. It's very common in people with thyroid problems to have low or high cortisol and both issues can cause sweating.

You might have more success with dealing with your problems by finding out your cortisol levels and getting them optimal.

Good luck. :)


Thank you so much for the link which I will read and also the advice on cortisol which again I will get checked out.

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