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Thyroid lost 1996- still very sick


Hi everybody,

I am Renate. I lost my thyroid 21 years ago . About 2003 I got (long undiagnosed) chronic and neuro Lyme disease. I had to give up my practice and am unfit to work since then. As you can image, I tried everything I knew or heard of to get well again, to little avail. I have 3 different doctors, two of them alternative .Only recently the thought occurred to me that maybe the T4 replacement ( for some years now synthetic T3/T4 ) does not do the job, in spite of " normal" lab figures.I want to try natural thyroid now or T3 only. I am looking for a competent and open minded endocrinologist.

I wish everybody good health !

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Welcome to the forum, Renawaltdr.

Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists. You will almost certainly require a private endo if you want NDT prescribed and you should check before confirming a booking that the endo does prescribe NDT. An NHS endo might prescribe T3 only on NHS but moves are afoot to withdraw Liothyronine from NHS prescribing. If you have to get it prescribed privately 28 days x 60mcg will cost around £780.

If members can recommend anyone they will send you a private message. To read a private message:

To send Renawaltdr a private message:

Please complete the NHS England consultation below re banning Liothyronine (T3) and sign the petition below requesting better testing and treatment for hypothyroid patients.

I recently purchased bovine thyroid from Nutri-Meds online, 130mg and 90 count, about $30 US. This is what people used for a hundred years before pharmaceutical companies came up with artificial medicine. I took it in the 1950's and 60's. It is merely freeze-dried cow thyroid in a pill. No prescription needed as it is just food. It is not against the law to take care of yourself. Mike234

Thank you! I am living in Germany, would it be possible to obtain it here? Regards, Renate

Clutter in reply to renawaltdr


The problem with the over the counter food supplements is that they don't declare whether or not they contain active T4 and T3, and if they do contain it they don't say how much, so it's difficult to judge an equivalent dose to the Levothyroxine and T3 you are taking.

You can buy NDT and T3 without prescription and self medicate. If you want to do this I suggest you write a post asking members to send you a private message where to source them.

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