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Help identify this bite/sting

Help identify this bite/sting

Can someone help me identify this bite or sting...

I live in Tennessee...

It was a very painful sting/bite instantaneous ..

My entire left side of my leg is numb . I was struck in the back of the thigh..

My symptom are lightheaded.. diahrrea .. sick to my stomach it's still a throbbing pain I can barely walk on my leg. My leg is numb buzzing feeling .. The pain is excessive if I move or the slightest touch of my thigh

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I think you need a specialist to look at your leg and diagnose/prescribe. Could you have been bitten by a tick.

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fire ant?


Hello , "you really must go see a doctor" Is the best anyone can say to you on here .We cannot diagnose you ..also this is a thyroid site so we no nothing about insect bites but looking at the picture you need to see a doctor quick as something in your blood stream is making your leg swell up ..I hope you decide to take our advice ..please let us know how you got on !


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