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New here

New here

Hi there I am new to all this, not sure if in correct forum. Sorry... My Gp believes I have an autoimmune possibly thyroid because my blood test have come back borderline high and I have yellow tinge to my eyes. Not sure what he means.

I have had numerous health problems but basically feel totally exhausted all the time, dry skin, hair is falling out, brain fog, cracked nails, kidney stones, calcified tendinitis, aches and panes, carpal tunnel. Had hysterectomy few years ago so put it down to hormones.

My blood test in may the first column are my results then the ranges.

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Head over to member SeasideSuze ... she has a ton of good advice to read up on. Here's a link to one of her posts from earlier on:


And some other sites well worth digging thru





But your GP has neglected to test the necessary Free T3 and free T4 that are required, as well as thyroid antibodies. So when you have your next blood test for these results make sure to fast before (water OK) for best results.


Your B12,ferritin,folate and D3 are all too low. Not sure how your GP can conclude thyroiditis as no FT3 ,FT4 or antibodies reported and TSH is in range.


Thankyou both for your replies. My Dr has given me more bloods to do which includes thyroid function? He told me I didn't need to fast. He is thinking possibly thyroid or an autoimmune. My cholesterol is high, my urate is high I cannot lose weight. But am always on a healthy diet.


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