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Had my prescription for Liothyronine withdrawn today. Time to change to NDT?


This morning, I was called to a meeting with my GP who informed me that my prescription for Liothyronine has been withdrawn. I was on Levo for years before finally getting a consultant to give me a prescription for Liothyronine, so this is very disappointing. I've been given the following options.

1. See a consultant and see if I can get them to prescribe more Liothyronine;

2. Get a private prescription;

3. Go back onto Levo only prescription.

I have a busy job and I just can't function on Levo alone. So I'm thinking of taking option 1 and trying to get myself as a 'named patient' for NDT. I've wanted to try NDT for years, but my previous consultant wasn't a fan.

Can anyone recommend a consultant in the Midlands area (Herefordshire, Gloucs, Warwicks, Northants/Beds/Bucks) who might be supportive of me going on NDT?

Thanks in advance.

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Was the consultant who prescribed Liothyronine private or NHS?

There is another option which is to appeal the decision. The BTA have said that T3 should not be withdrawn on purely financial grounds and that patient clinical need should be paramount. If the patient feels benefit from T3 the patient should be allowed to continue having it prescribed. british-thyroid-association...

Email enquiries@thyroiduk.org for a list of member recommended endos. You will have to check with individual endos whether they prescribe NDT. NDT isn't licensed for UK use so is unlikely to be prescribed on NHS.

FuturistFi in reply to Clutter

The consultation was private, but the prescription was paid for on the NHS. I may appeal, but my GP wasn't very supportive.

I've noticed that some people are getting NDT on the NHS as 'named patients'. I'm hoping that as I'm willing to fight them, and the NDT tablets are somewhat cheaper than the Liothyronine, they may consider this a saving and offer me 'named patient' status. We shall see.

Clutter in reply to FuturistFi


If you accept option1 referral to a NHS endocrinologist and s/he recommends you continue taking T3 it may persuade your GP practice to continue prescribing. Another option is to buy T3 online and self-medicate.

GPs can prescribe NDT on a named patient basis but they aren't obliged to prescribe unlicensed drugs and can, and usually do, refuse. Few members have it prescribed on NHS. Most have private prescriptions or buy online and self medicate.

The NHS simply wants to save money and for you to go away and stop bothering them.

That attitude was, to me when requesting NDT on NHS prescription, like showing the proverbial red rag to a bull and encouraged me to make as much of a nuisance of myself as I possibly could.

We are right, they are wrong and they deserve whatever we can throw their way.

So please follow my example.

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