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Life without thyroid gland

A nodule has been discovered on my thyroid and I have been told there is a possibility of removal. I am due for an Ultrasound Neck Aspiration very soon but I would like to know from patients who are without a thyroid how life is for them. I have been suffering for a long time with thyroid problems so life has been pretty miserable and it was only after changing GP practice that anything has been done. My readings have always fluctuated between borderline high or low and former GP said no worries. New GP really listened to me and referred me to ENT because of pain in my throat and ear. After MRI scan nodule was discovered and I have been classed as urgent. I am new here.

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Welcome to the forum, Madgewildfire.

I'm sorry you've had no replies.

You may not need a total thyroidectomy. Often a partial thyroidectomy to remove the lobe with the nodule is sufficient. Your remaining thyroid lobe will be expected to produce sufficint thyroid hormone but, if not, you will be prescribed Levothyroxine replacement.

If you need a complete thyroidectomy you will be given Levothyroxine the day after surgery. Most people do just fine once they are optimally medicated which can take a few months, but some do have problems and don't do so well.

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Thank you for that information. I hope I will be among the ones who do well once my gland and body have adjusted to whatever medication is needed.


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